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5 out of 5 stars
By 🔹🔹🔹CAROLYN 🔹🔹🔹 on 07-26-17


I can't believe this listen was only $4.86 for 8 hrs 22 minutes of a very enjoyable hot romance that has sexy Cardiac Doctor/biker Devlin Dane vying for a chance to prove himself with Kayla, one of the nurses, who he can't get out of his mind. Then, just as Dev is making headway with Kayla, his famous Motorbike Racing hot twin brother Reece puts a spanner in the works when he is admitted after an accident and needs round the clock nursing care.. by one very popular nurse. And, once Reece is moved to Dev's house, Kayla continues to nurse him back to health.. but he's another alpha Dane badboy flirting and trying to charm his way under her scrubs - which doesn't sit well with Dev.

This starts a nice long push/pull tempting relationship between Kayla and the brothers.. until eventually one brother succeeds however the other still desperately wants Kayla.. and she wants both of them too. Eventually.. after some angst, they settle into a passionate, loving hot menage relationship for a while.. but unfortunately things don't stay that way.

This listen was a total surprise - basically because it was so cheap I really didn't expect much at all but took a chance.. and wow Ms. Never can certainly write a riveting story.. a story that weaved its way into my heart. Its likeable characters have a lot of depth, the storyline is exceptional, the sex scenes are very hot, the romance and dynamics between the three had such a tender loving feel about it.. and that ending totally and utterly wrecked me. I lived and breathed this book.. and it'll take me quite a while to get over the twist that this very talented Author hit me with. Told from three different POV's and great narration too.

Worth a credit? Well it absolutely would have been.. but they're practically giving it away so I just $ snapped it up. And, if you're in the mood for a steamy, passionate, romantic, touching, beautiful story about true love between three people.. and much more, then - IMO, you really can't beat this listen.

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5 out of 5 stars
By bookbruin on 07-25-17

5 Moto Loving Stars!

Would you consider the audio edition of Moto to be better than the print version?

YES! There was so much emotion and feeling in the performances, that it made everything heightened and electrically charged! The book is really great, but listening to it made it even better!

What other book might you compare Moto to and why?

This is my first menage romance, so I'm not sure what to compare it to. It's part sports romance and has love triangle elements, but at it's core it's a love story between three souls.

Which character – as performed by Jacob Morgan and Brooke Bloomingdale – was your favorite?

Dev was my favorite! Jacob Morgan is insanely sexy as both Reese and Dev, but it's the methodical and dominating Dev that takes the cake. He's like Superman/Clark Kent. A respected and accomplished cardiologist by day and a commanding sexual conqueror by night (and often day! ;))

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Definitely! I couldn't wait to find out what happened next and didn't want to stop! The narration is fantastic and the story is indulgently entertaining!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Cyndi on 07-26-17

So Good You Will Have A Book Hangover!

I LOVED THIS AUDIOBOOK! I went in completely blind, M. Never was a new author for me and she blew me away with this book. I loved that it was not just like every other book I listen to, it not only had a menage but it also had a great story line that wasn't predictable. There were a few things I figure out early on but a few I never saw coming. I loved that her writing leads you in one direction then switches directions again and again, it was very creative and it really helps keep you guessing! This book had it all from Sweet to HOT, from sad to happy, it hit all my emotions at one point during the eight and a half hours straight that I listened. I couldn't stop, I was so captivated by this book from chapter 1. The characters were all very different and very strong which is always a huge plus for me! This is being added to my very short repeat pile!

Oh and did I mention how HOT this audiobook is too!!!! I always love a super Hot book with a great story line that sets it apart from all the other contemporary romance book out there!

The narration was excellent with only 1 thing I would have changed, Jacob Morgan was amazing but his voice for Reece and Devlin were exactly the same, I wish there had been a slight difference. Other than that he was awesome and Brooke Bloomingdale was PERFECT for Kayla!

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5 out of 5 stars
By J. Huch on 08-12-17

Pleasantly surprised with a great story

I am not always comfortable with MFM, but this was a great listen and the story was beautifully woven. Some of the twists and turns I saw coming but I loved it none the less. The narrators were excellent! Jacob Morgan could read the phone book to me (but they don't really exist anymore!) Brooke Bloomingdale was new to me and she is awesome! This is also my first read of M. Never and now I am going to one click her.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Kd on 02-19-18


This story changes the type of story it is as it goes along, thankfully. My first introduction to Kayla, a nurse, and twin brothers Reese, a professional motorcycle racer, and Devlin (aka Dev), a cardiologist at the same hospital as Kayla left me thinking poorly of all 3. Dev was the most bearable. My reasons for disliking each one differed. Regardless, ultimately, it was so hard for me to have no problems w/ Kayla getting w/ 2 bros., twins, no less. She was in complete control of what happened and chose lust as more important than anything else. I know lust can be powerful, but, at that level, it's more than powerful; it's dangerous. And she had little regret, just enough to see remotely human. Kayla had sex with both brothers within 24 hrs of each other. Sex is great. Lust is read, but really?! And I didn't like the motorbike world portrayed w/ high twang, moonshine, and the proliferation of machismo and expected gender roles. Too, I didn't get the reason for the backstory of Kayla's Aunt Sam's detective case. I kept waiting for it to connect to their lives somehow, and it never did. It seemed to only be there to make one of Reese's nemesis, the only person of color in the story, a black guy, approvingly bad.
Then we get to the sex. Here I have to add that the sex was more than simmering to me. There weren't what I would call many sex scenes, but they were explicit and used explicit language, all of which I have no problem with. But, in line w/ my earlier statements, my view of the 3 folk who would enter into the kind of menage they set up was hard to believe. And everyone agreed to the menage so easily. As Kayla and Dev were presented, their immediate assent made the least sense.
I liked the Kayla seemed to have some backbone, was a female w/ inner strength. But that view of her was soon tarnished. Her degree of hypocrisy was too much. To add to her hypocrisy, her take on the power of dick and lust was at an unhealthy level. Right after starting the menage this occurred: Kayla thought to herself, "It only took 1 nite for these 2 men to become my entire life." And when asked what she would do w/ them now that she has them, she answered, "Whatever you want." The independence & gumption she had seemed to have disappeared too quickly or was never real in the first place.
And one sex scene gave me the yucks. I need more hygiene w/ my raunchiness in stories. Here's the scenario: Kayla rides on the bike of 1 brother, has sex on the side of the road w/ him, gets back on bike to hang out @ bike rally where menage is presented and agreed to by all, returns with brothers to her & immediately has sex w/ both brothers. The sex includes cunnilingus which happens w/o Kayla washing between bike rides and sex earlier that day. I can do a bit of nasty w/ raunch, but that was my boundary line. The bros who performed oral on Kayla said she was wet. And my thought was, "I guess so. You just came in her a few hours ago w/ no condom." By the way, no one used condoms @ any point or got tested or brought up safety. Instead, the 1st bros to have sex w/ Kayla asked her, in the heat of the moment, if she was on the pill. Stupid AND nasty.
The only positive is that the story transitioned resulting in me liking the last hr; it was more of a romance then, IMO. And all the characters were less irritating, behaving more wisely apparently having learned from the past and grown.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Dana Leffler on 08-17-17

Not for me

Nope. Not looking for something like that ending in a romance novel. I don't want to give any spoilers This is also my first menage book and realized it's not the same for me. Didn't feel the connection or love other than how Dev felt for Kayla. I love Jacob Morgan so i gave the book a try

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