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4 out of 5 stars
By Theresa on 09-25-17


Will read this author again. No need to believe in govt conspiracies to be intrigued by the young characters.

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5 out of 5 stars
By PearlyBaker on 04-15-18

I Could Not Caution All, I still Might Warn a Few

A colleague suggested Among the Truthers but this was all I could find which turned out to be pretty good fiction though I'd call it historical fiction myself. I don't like labels and believe the pejorative term truther and conspiracy theorist are used to marginalize those of us not gullible enough to believe the fairy tale told by the US governement. This includes an Orwellian array of lies like the black box and all other evidence at the Twin Towers (which were quickly whisked to China for recycling with strong reproach from the FBI) were incinerated. However there was this perfect, pristine, paper, passport found amongst the rubble identifying a Saudi terrorist so we invaded Afghanistan, formed the Department of Homeland Security and started a practice of pre-emptive strike. Funny Adolf did the exact same thing when he burned the Reichstag, blamed it on Communist terrorists, formed the Division of Fatherland Security and invaded Poland. So set aside the fairy tale verson of 9/11 for a moment if you please. We can all agree now that Colin Powell's Global Tour using precision speeches about yellah cake was completely false and led us into a war that was fully uneccesary. I am now convinced W. and Trump got together to write the 9/11 Commission Report just to see how gullible the populace is. So gullible it seems that Trump went ahead and held a summit yesterday blaming mass shootings not on the reality of the US military waffle stomping women and children's brains in since the 16th century, but on video games. It's funny you never hear the Killer Clintons admit that Wild Bill's mass shooting of cruise missiles killed Layla Al-Attar in Baghdad. How about Obama's Drone Strikes Bro? Anyone get a total on the collateral damage there? Or that W.'s useless wars kill more children in schools annually than have been killed in every mass
shooting in American schools combined since Austin, 1964. I just think maybe, reality might have more of an effect on folks that aren't blinded by the lies this government spreads then fictitious augmented reality. One last thought, if Black Lives Matter and we can't trust these fools not to shoot our brothers in the back for resisting arrest, then why in the world would we be willing to give these same fools all the guns? I propose an immediate ban on all assault weapons for the US Military and only a few defensive installations at home. If not that then I propose background checks on all politicians with a drug screen before they deploy any weapons with what Roger Waters calls the "Bravery of Being out of Range." Then I believe politicians should be treated like citizens even if they only murder brown fabricated enemies with fabricated evidence I think Clinton and W. should go on trial for murder stat. Like I always say if you shoot up a school you're demented and evil, if you destroy a country you're a hero and if you slow-kill the planet's body and soul making addictive augmented reality rectangles in China with loose pollution and child labor laws then you're a God. So if we must place the blame on people nuttin up like Michael Douglas in Falling Down (which by the way I understood much more as an adult) then sports fans we must look in the mirror. We personally fund murderers with campaign contributions and taxes. I have yet to pay for any mass shooter's weapons. Once agian I'll draw on Roger Waters who is way more eloquent than I, "We watched the tragedy unfold, we did as we were told, we bought and sold."

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