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By Virgil on 08-08-17

Clean ending to a fantastic series

Note: Early readers need to redownload to get the complete book!!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As with any series ending, you always wish there was more, and this book didn't feel as complete as the others, but was still a great read. The conflicts that arose were varied, and exposes the depths of humanity's desire for power and self interest. They were not as complex as in the previous two books, and the resolution came about a bit easy at times, but it didn't take away my enjoyment. Besides, we wanted to get to the battle with the Others anyway. Again, it was over a bit too quickly, but definitely gives you a sense of finality. The only minor sticking point is the Medeiros story line doesn't feel as complete. There are some real emotional highs and lows in this book I don't want to come close to spoiling. Overall a great end to a fantastic series.

Ray Porter's performance is amazing.

Do not read this book without finishing the previous two.

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By Craig Schorling on 08-20-17

Satisfying End to a Fun Series

It took a while for this one to get going for me but by the end of it I felt completely satisfied. Taylor wraps up all the loose ends and gives fitting endings to all of the characters. In keeping with the other 2 books, this one kept the balance of humor, pop culture references, heartfelt moments, and action. Ray Porter continues to show why he is one of the best in the business. I look forward to his future works.

I hope that this is the ending. Not because I'm glad it is over but rather I would hate to see it be brought back and have the conclusion tainted. The subjective nature of the ending is something that my friends and I are continuing to discuss and that is what makes a great story.

Overall: 4.75/5

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By J Morgan on 08-20-17

Couldn't put it down

Great ending to the Bob series. I was completely entertained from start to finish. Nothing too heavy or too gory, but definitely not adolescent either. I appreciate the balance in this series.

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By Forty Two on 08-19-17


This being the third book in the Bobiverse trilogy, I was hopeful it would hold true to the previous two books - and it did. Well written, well narrated, well enjoyed (by me). I'd recommend this trilogy to anyone who enjoys some nerdy humor, exciting star battles, and space exploration. It's a good Sci-Fi series in all, and this third book is the icing on the cake.

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By Rachelle Van Pelt on 08-20-17

One day the nerds will rule the universe

excellent series. great stoey with just the right blend of realistic scifi and everyday everything else. perhaps a frightening prediction of mans future but still fun

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By Luke on 08-20-17


Yep, amazing again! This series only gets better and all the build up from the last book... well let's just say it's awesome! Will definitely listen again!

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