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5 out of 5 stars
By Emily on 08-11-17

Literally could not put it down!

One of my favorite series ever, I'm genuinely sad its over...think I'll go listen to the first one again

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5 out of 5 stars
By Kindle Customer on 08-08-17

Mistake was made and corrected

My initial assumption was correct - the recording came without the last hour/14 chapters, but now it contains the full book. You just have to redownload it. If Audible can contact early buyers they should do so, because it would be a great shame if they wouldn't be able to experience a proper closure to this great series.

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2 out of 5 stars
By ISee on 08-30-17

Loitering in the stone age and missing opportunity

I really liked the first book, was a touch underwhelmed by the second book and hate myself for disliking the third.

I am sad to say that I have found this third instalment very superficial in that it gave the impression of simply typing up all the loose ends to close the series and introducing no interesting or new concepts. What's more I found a lot of characters and thought processes unrealistic.

The others were building a dyson sphere in the book 2 and I half expected this to be about Matrioshka brain of the others versus parallel computing of the Bob, but all it came down to was just a big old fight with nukes and lasers and I felt that it was a missed opportunity to make the story thought-provoking like a culture novel would. The fact that the others were barely even mentioned until chapter 63 was another irritant in my opinion. Instead, this sc-fi novel lingered for at least four times as long as it needed to on the stone age deltans.

Lastly, I have spent an unreasonably large amount of effort to not just stop listening when the colony council decided to attack one of Bob's clones in an effort to retain their power over the colony, after having been warned and dismissing Bob's objections and concerns and after Brigitte's daughter has done everything possible to annoy the Bob clone.

BOB! the God-like AI that controls weapons, food and everyone alive owes their life to! If It were me, I would let it go taxidermist on my mother if it felt like it, but apparently in the Bobiverse, everyone and their dog are happy to just underestimate and dismiss the all-powerful being, with neither respect, gratitude, awe, nor fear motivating them to at least taking heed to Bob's input.

I did once again tear up at the funeral scene however, but I think that speaks more about y being a mellow wreck of a person with age, more than anything.

I am very sorry, but I did not like this book.

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3 out of 5 stars
By mark fowler on 08-15-17


I really enjoyed the first two books but this one felt rushed. I enjoyed the story but it could of been so much better.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Kindle Customer on 08-24-17

Bobiverse is a lot of wasted potential

Any additional comments?

This is a spoiler free review of the 3 book Bobiverse series.

Throughout listening to the Bobiverse series I never quite lost the suspicion that this was one book stretched to three. The first book starts out strong but then gradually it slows and slows until we get bogged down in plotlines that seem to exist only to pass the time. There are long arcs that when they're concluded it's difficult to pinpoint what exactly was gained by their inclusion and what would have been lost had they not been in the book. There are moments in the book, when there's a clear goal in mind being worked towards, where the book has a nice pace and is quite entertaining but these happen less and less as the series goes on.

None of the books have a satisfying ending, the realisation that there was only an hour or so left always a shock because the books never seem to build to anything. Books just end without wrapping up a single plot threat and then the next book starts without feeling it needs to recap anything. Plot points introduced in the first book will pop up in later books and offer no explanation, assuming the reader just remembers it from the earlier book.

All this combined is what led me to believe the Bobiverse books began as one book that got bloated with sub plots and dragged out. This is probably the one book I've listened to an audible where an abridged version would probably be superior. It's disappointing as there are a lot of really interesting ideas and plots that just seem to be forgotten or sidelined so we can instead focus on plots that ultimately feels tedious. Listening to the series is an exercise in trying to guess where the story is going only to be disappointed that the story isn't going anywhere at all.

But pacing and length aside these books still have problems. Bob suffers from being the only real character in the book, with everyone else existing solely to play second fiddle. As well as this the things that seem to make Bob Bob, a sense of humour and pop culture references, feel like they dry up as the books go on, occasionally reemerging at random points in ways that just seem confusing and forced. Most characters exist to be Bob's friend, whom he just seems to be constantly laughing with, or to be an unlikeable enemy with no real redeeming quality. There are exceptions to this but as with a lot of other things these exceptions seem to crop up in the first book then slowly fade as we progress.

One of the most off putting things about the books is it's weird, often casual sexism. At first I attributed this to the basic premise, Bob is a space probe in space, meaning it was always going struggle to be all that inclusive but there's a little too much of it to comfortably ignore. Women exist to be bitter hags or love interests, with only some exceptions. Often it's the characters who are hardly characters, existing to be some kind of opposition to Bob, that are the worst examples of this. An old medicine woman, a jealous wife and a daughter who is portrayed as acting entirely out of malice are all things that really stood out to me as being odd. There is one character in the third book who we think it acting like a jerk because he is a jerk but as that story progresses we learn that yes, he's acting like a jerk, but he has real motivations to do so. This justification is never extended to the female characters, who when you consider the situation frequently have more than enough reason to act like they do. As well as this I think there's lines like "even in the future women still rule the kitchen" that feel more than a bit out of touch and... just sort of terrible?

There is a similar sense of discomfort in terms of race in this book. There's not a lot of representation for non white people in the books, the most major representation being that they're sort of the bad guys. Like the sexist tendencies it's easier to dismiss at first but as the book goes on it just gathers more and more weight. I don't think either of these things are malicious, I think they just indicate a general thoughtlessness on these issues. I don't think the author set out to make a series primarily focused on white dudes in space but that's sort of what ended up happening. There’s not even anything wrong with White Dudes in Space really, it's just weird when we admit non white dudes exist in space and we either never see them or we get mad at them.

When the book is good it's good but it's only good like 5% of the time. I'm not sure it ever strayed into the realms of being genuinely awful so much as it became tedious and a little bit aggravating. As a positive note I did think the narrator did an excellent job, managed to add a lot of humanity to the narration, and honestly I think he may be partly responsible for the occasions where I liked the book.

I didn't hate these books but the wasted potential, pointless plot arcs and weird undercurrents made it difficult to enjoy. I think a lot of little changes could have been made to this book to improve it and hope any future Bobiverse books remedy the problems.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Dana Gilbert on 03-06-18

Good, but too scattered

still a really interesting story and interesting concept, but for me the story gets scattered over too many Bobs, too many planets and too many solar systems to keep track and stay attached

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