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By Paul Z on 11-19-17


The Martian was a book while reading you thought this will make a great movie some day, Artemis on the other hand feels like it was written for todays movie audiences as a forethought.

With a great concept, Weir falls short with his heroine, he shows us plenty at how technically astute he is but not so at writing from a woman's perspective, which made the protagonists development weak, leaving less empathy for her actions. The overly ambitious plot has too many holes in it to make Artemis more than just ordinary and to me it had a chance to redeem itself but Weir opted for more of a hollywood ending.

Rosario Dawson has a wide range and delivers a solid performance but the stereotypical accents of some of the characters does not seem accurate for people living in the most diverse city ever.

Artemis just tries too hard not to be The Martian and ends up becoming more like Die Hard on the Moon .

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By M. Spencer on 11-17-17

Entertaining; Fun Moon Adventure; Not the Martian

Based on the reviews I've seen, I would suggest listening to this BEFORE the Martian, otherwise, you might be somewhat disappointed with Artemis. If you have read the Martian, I would suggest dialing back your expectations for this one and just try to enjoy it versus comparing it to another one of Weir's books. Sure Weir is very talented - but this isn't Martian 2 - there is going to be some variations on characters, plot, etc. Not every book by an author is going to be spun gold perfection. And it is hard to follow up the success of something like the Martian.

For one, you are not going to be nearly as sympathetic to our protagonist, Jazz, as she is not a stranded scientist struggling to survive until help arrives. Jazz is an under-achieving smuggler hustling her wares within a tiny community of 'loonies' (don't call them that they hate it) colonizing the moon in a cluster of acclimatized spheres [Artemis]. She's lived there nearly her entire life, has a few interesting social connections, and is laboring in near-poverty in hopes of paying off a debt/righting a wrong that has her and her father on the outs.

There is a lot of science, moon, and some space travel stuff to geek out about - much of it sounds rather plausible. But I didn't nitpick, I just tried my best to enjoy the book.

Some bark about the idea of the producers hiring a famous voice to narrate the book when there are plenty of extremely talented voice-actors who could have done a 'better' job. Sure, I agree there are plenty of very talented people who could have read this - they could have treated it like an audio drama and hired a full-cast. Regardless, I think Dawson captured Jazz's brash, rude personality rather well. The other characters, at times, did blur a little, but her overall performance was listen-worthy.

I enjoyed this book. I hope you do too.

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By will on 11-18-17

A ferrari with no motor

On the outside, everything about this audio book looks good. The much anticipated sophomoric novel from breakout sci-fi author Andy Weir read by Rosario Dawson is a great preface in itself. Add to it the promise of the first moon colony, some corporate espionage, a lone wolf heroine saboteur and the possibilities are endless. Then it just sits there. And all the aspects that could make it great are that much more annoying. Dawson does a fantastic job narrating. The problem is the characters have no depth, the storyline is swiss cheese and the dialogue is juvenile to an infuriating level. The protagonist delivers wannabe witty sarcasm endlessly and has hardly any likable moments. Humor falls flat at every attempt and there are many, many attempts. Very disappointing. The science is interesting but that can only go so far. If you're looking for the best sci-fi and you haven't done it yet, check out The Expanse series.

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By Anthony on 11-19-17

A Book I Truly Wanted to Love

Andy Weir has shown once again he is a master at researching and building a truly amazing sci-fi universe. Unfortunately, his dialogue is juvenile and his story boring. Scientific details aside, the book read like a pre-teen thriller. The characters were all one dimensional and dialogue was appallingly simple. The story was boring at best and read more like a screen play than a rich, deep, and enthralling book.

I honestly wanted to love this book. There is a lot of good substance here, and I hope Andy finds the time to take everything he’s learning to write a book to truly remember. For now, it looks like all we’ll get is a book perfectly suited for a 90 minute movie.

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By bbhfs22533 on 11-20-17


Let me start by saying that the Martian is one of my favorite books. I didn't think Artemis could possibly be as good but I still expected something solid. Unfortunately Artemis just disappoints. The characters are very thin, the plot is not even average. I honestly never really cared what happened to the characters. The whole book felt lazy. Unlike the carefully crafted details of the Martian, this just said "pass" every time the writing got hard. It does not even feel like it was written by the same person.

If you are buying this book because you loved the Martian, I would say, just skip it. There is so much better Sci-fi out there.

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By Neil M. Travers on 12-28-17

High Hopes...Sub-par Story

The story fell quite short of the expectations I had going into this book. The characters as well as the main inner dialogue was lacking in a lot of ways.

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