Two Kinds of Truth

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5 out of 5 stars
By Russell on 11-20-17

Bosch Survives Two Career Ending Threats

This time Harry Bosch goes undercover as an addict hooked on painkillers to catch a couple of murderers. At the same time he is trying to fend off an insinuation of planting evidence in order to convict someone many years ago. The case against him is so good that his old partner and even his daughter wonder if the accusations are true. It looks like the man he sent to death row is going to be released and exonerated after many years languishing in prison.

This is the first time Connelly has put Bosch on an extremely dangerous mission. In this engaging listen the two unrelated cases intersect and Harry almost loses his life over it. As always mysteries get solved, but while Harry is good, he needs help from other characters to see clues and resolve the cases. For all the Lincoln Lawyer fans, Harry gets some help from his half brother in defending himself on his old collar of a murderer.

Someone heavily criticized the narrator of this book and I don't see it - for me Titus does a superb job.

I guess there are two kinds of truth for all of us.

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5 out of 5 stars
By J. Paxton on 11-01-17

Harry, Mickey and Jerry=bases loaded!

You don’t have to be a long-time fan of Bosch to get into this double story line.

The back stories blend well enough into the current story lines that new fans can get into the groove of being a Harry fan. What is so great about this book is there are characters fans have enjoyed over the years and all fleshed out in a way new fans will get it. Longtime fans will get to know them all a little better.

My one disappointment in the story line is how little Maddie was flashed out as her character grows into a young woman who has been shaped by a father who isn’t always perfect and owns it, isn’t ashamed to admit his faults to his daughter. Maddie has always brought a more mellow edge to Harry and I missed that in depth interaction in this story line.

That said, the story lines over all are home runs all the way.

Social current events addressed ---the devastating nightmare of opioid addiction---- without being overly preachy gave the story line a more realistic feel and I hope it gets into a story line in the Amazon series!

The love/hate --working from both sides of the law-- struggle of the half siblings is evident in a deeper fashion in this story line than ever before. I am sucker for Harry and Mickey in the same story line, always.

Titus Weller --as always-- nails the narration and his narration of Mickey, slays me in the way he has seemed to find a way to convey a the -airtight-alright-alright-laid back easy going feeling to Mickey that Mathew brought to him in the movie adaption of the Lincoln Lawyer. Both characters being voiced by Weller….makes it feel even more familial, gives more depth to both characters over all.

Maybe soon someone will see fit to put Titus and Mathew together in the Amazon series!

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4 out of 5 stars
By bill doyle on 11-05-17

Solid Bosch story touching on live issues

If, like me, you've been wary of any return to Bosch-as-Jason-Bourne since the rather silly '9 Dragons' you'll be relieved to know he's back on sold home ground here, tackling the opioid crisis and good old legal corruption in his nominally part-time role for the SFPD. (Not *that* SFPD!)

Writing for the screen version seems to have re-energised Connelly, and it's easy to imagine Titus Welliver drifting sardonically through these bleached-out urban and desert landscapes where a lying president, Russian bad-guys and a failing underclass are very much live issues.

Welliver has become Bosch in the way that Suchet has become Poirot, and effortlessly handles playing both 'himself' and the variety of other characters he encounters.

A great listen!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Debbie Lacey on 11-01-17

Love the Bosch Series

I still love this series, but I miss the relationships he used to have with his team. There is hope for more with the SFPD, and I hope he becomes less cynical. I also would like to see more of him with Holler, minus the negative twists. Good book. Good read.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Greyelf on 11-01-17

Great book and story

As usual a great story line and two favorites in Bosch and Haller. Thank you

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5 out of 5 stars
By george f adam on 11-19-17

One of the best

Have read and loved all 20 Bosch books. This one had great plot lines and was very will executed. It is a real treat to hear Titus read.

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