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By TC on 07-03-17

Loved It!

I've bought and read so many awful "thrillers" lately that I'm afraid of wasting money on any more. Liar, however, was completely entertaining all the way through. I thought I knew where it was all headed, but was pleasantly surprised that I hadn't figured it out after all. I found the ending to be unpredictable and I loved it!

This wasn't so much a taut, keep you up at night thriller, as a slowly building suspense novel that makes you think you know everything, only to find out there's more to the story. Like most books in this genre, there are always things that are a bit unbelievable, but this was absolutely one of the best books I've listened to in quite awhile. Lucy Price-Lewis narrated it superbly.

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By Wayne on 07-05-17

A compelling and twisted psychological thriller!

British author K.L.Slater uses the interesting device of stating the book with the last few sentences of Liar, identified as such, as the opening sentences of the novel.

I hardly know what to say about Liar. It certainly is compelling. Guessing the outcome even with the author's words at the beginning is impossible. Ultimately it is about determination to get ones way even if means destroying oneself in doing so. It is a wonderful novel even as it is incredibly, frighteningly dark. Narration by Lucy Price-Lewis could not be better.

Liar may be the best psychological thriller I have ever read and it is easily deserves a 5 star rating. This author has great talent. I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Liar.

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By M. Ryder on 08-23-17

Intense and Twisted!

Great psychological thriller that kept me guessing. Never expected the ending to take such a turn. Scary to think we can be fooled by those who are closest to us. What a big surprise that was! Although this is not a lengthy novel, the time spent listening really flew by. As for Lucy Price-Lewis performance of each of the characters, she definitely managed to bring all of them to life. It was easy to figure out which one was speaking at any given time. I will now check out other books from the author. 😊👍🏼

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By Mervyn on 12-12-17

A very dark story.

I did not have good feelings during or after this story. The plot was good. The reading was good but the dark, psychological twists leave a bad taste.

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By G on 10-10-17

Twisted ending

Struggled to stick with this book. The beginning was a drag, honestly. Judy's inner monologue jabbers on entirely too long. The sense that this woman is disturbed is very easily comprehended. Which is the point. Happy that I made it to the end. For me the twist was good but I wouldn't recommend it nor read again.

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By Donna on 07-06-17


Now this is a psychological suspense mystery! I listened to it straight through. The reader does a very good job. This is British, which I love, intelligent, secretive, not a police officer anywhere.

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