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By Trish Vidal on 11-05-17

Disappointing and insulting to women.

This is a book that's been unnecessarily hyperinflated for no good reason. The story could have been successfully told in half the number of pages/hours.

***Spoiler Alert***

I enjoyed the story until it came to the attack on the prison. From that point forward, it became boring and unbelievable. I'm not sure what the Kings had in mind for this story, but you can't get 100 people all to agree on anything. Someone is always the stubborn lone holdout. Juries encounter this all the time with fewer people. So to think that 500+ would all suddenly agree to return is just UNBELIEVABLE. I guess the Kings wanted all the women to return, so believable story be damned.

The reason I find it insulting to women is because most of the reasons given by women as to why they wanted to return were just totally lame, and the kind of reasons men are likely think women would have, and it's really insulting that the ONLY reason is because of men. No one wanted to return because they had important work to do or things they wished to accomplish, everyone wanted to return, pretty much because they didn't think a life without men is worth living. Seriously? Even after men ran around killing helpless women while they were cocoonned? I guess that's male fantasy for you.

After the women return, the ensuing hour left on the book is a waste of time and doesn't add anything to the story.

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By Debbie Katnich on 10-19-17

This story is a snooze

I am a big reader of King novels and usually find very satisfying reads. However. I found this story to be uninspired and flat. I struggled to finish it and thought the narrator did well with the material, but it just didn't grab me the way most of his work does. Not sure if it was the collaboration that did it or just a boring story but I will still look forward to the next book.

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Really bad.

I'm sad to have to post this review because for the past 25 years I have devoured everything Stephen King and loved every word. this story however was just bad. very very long. bad narration. very disappointed. no more collaborations please.

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By Ivan on 11-22-17


Just used a book to rant about things he rants about on Twitter. Didn't even stomach finishing it.

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By Linda on 10-10-17


I am a big Stephen King fan. I've read every book that you he's written. I found this book slow and boring and not up to his usual standards. I doubt I will read another book that he collaborates on. It just did not work for me. The concert was an interesting one, the execution was left wanting.

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By Mike Havard on 11-21-17

Political and disappointing

Politics show through in this book. Every male on earth is not a serial abuser, sorry. Not only that, it was tough to get through, very slow. I believe Owen probably wrote most of this book and his father put his name on it for Sales. It was disappointing at best. Narrator was terrible as well.

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