Stillhouse Lake

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By shelley on 07-02-17

Outstanding book! A must for suspense lovers...

This is an excellent book. The suspense is palpable and the build up is superb. This story is so realistic and so believable and so frustrating! My heart goes out to this woman even knowing that she is only a figment of the author's imagination.
Here she is happily going about her life not knowing that her husband is a serial killer. When the truth comes out accidentally she is called his helper and put on trial as an accomplice. She is acquitted but it doesn't matter to the townspeople or the internet stalkers, all those who believe she truly is guilty.
She changes her name, learns how to handle a gun and begins moving from place to place trying to stay anonymous. Somehow she keeps being tracked down and her ex husband continues to send her letters from behind bars.
When first one then a second body turns up at the lake she is living on, she once again finds herself the center of attention and a suspect in the murders.
This is an author I will definitely watch for new books.
Emily Sutton-Smith does a fabulous job narrating.
If you found this review helpful please indicate so.
Thank You.

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By shopinshop on 07-13-17

Am I the only one...?

After reading the reviews I decided to use a very precious credit for this book. In particular, several reviewers commented positively on the narrator. Am I the only that struggled with the narration? Ms. Sutton-Smith's voice is good, but the cadence felt all wrong to me. Certain sentences, or sometimes just words spoken too slowly and with a sharp enunciation that felt robotic. It just felt odd that it would randomly happen. I found it distracting to the story. Perhaps it was due to editing more than the narrator?
The story itself was decent and the characters were believable. The heroine was a strong woman and a helluva mother. The family dynamics rang true and the author definitely did well there.
Well played plot twists, and nice suspense.
Overall, a decent use of a credit.

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By Jennifer Toney on 09-22-17

Boring. dumb. Sooooo drawn out save your money

This book was insanely boring. Not only was the narrator completely monotone for 13 hours the story kept repeating itself. Every chapter was the same paranoid character talking about saving her kids and hiding. There was zero drama, very little plot and incredibly repetitive dialogue. I kept waiting for it to get better and it came up beyond short. Definitely NOT recommending.

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By Charles Atkinson on 07-17-17

Fast Paced Thriller, Ingenious Web of Deceit

The wife and children of a serial killer find themselves on the run after he is discovered and arrested. It seems no one believes his wife is innocent, including police, familes of the victims, the media and, most dangerous of all, hackers.

This is a fast paced suspense novel with ingenious twists. The characters are well developed and the plot is well conceived.

Emily Sutton-Smith is excellent.

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By Patti L Langston on 07-18-17

Too much

Too much goriness
Too much repetition
Leaves you hanging at the end ( sounds like the start of a series)
And did I say too much repetition of the same gory scene description.

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By Kandi M. Burlingame on 07-08-17


I was not aware that this book is number one of a series. This book ends on a bit of a Cliffhanger.
I wish that was clearly stated when I purchased it. Otherwise, it was a good book & I finished it in a day & a half.

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