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By EzBake on 01-05-18

Holds up to high Standards

When you've got standards set for you by some of the best books of all time, you've got a tough bar to meet. But Sanderson does it again, with none of the angsty hiccups from book 2. Well done good sir.

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By Jayson on 01-17-18

Sanderson never disappoints

As with every book in this series, it's an amazing and powerful stuff from start to finish. Honestly, my favorite books of all time. Truly masterful, and I can't wait for the next one. So good!

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By Leo on 11-24-17

A mixed bag of brilliance, marred by missteps

Brandon Sanderson is one of the greatest story tellers writing today; and this series is his magnum opus. Book 3 is not the strongest of the series. But it still soars in many places, despite some missteps throughout.
Parts of this book left me cheering out loud! Parts of this book are truly awe inspiring.

Other parts had me shaking my head, as long established characters suddenly behaved in ways that contradicted everything the author has told us about them in the past.
For such an immense book, it surprised me how many times an obvious shortcut was taken in order to setup the next scene.

There was one long scene involving a female lead that had no purpose other than comic relief. This bungling, slapstick detour was so jarring, it was hard to return to the rhythm of the story. Worst of all, it felt amateurish, and just wasn't funny.

Almost every competent character had a moment of incompetence so glaring that it became obvious this was a deliberate gimmick. Possibly a recommendation from an editor, but taken too far?

But still, with all of that said, this is still a mostly brilliant story. The action scenes top any blockbuster movie put out this year.
It was filled with many pay-offs from the previous books, some of them setup so expertly that they still surprised me, despite the clues revealed before.

Like all of his books, this was also a vehicle for the author's social, political, and moral view of the world. Presented nicely as part of the story with not-too-much outright preaching.

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By Eric on 11-21-17

Perfection in literature.

If you have read the first two books in this series, then you already know Brandon Sanderson is the greatest storyteller of our generation, and, one of the best to ever put pen to page. That is not grandiose hyperbole. It is understatement. So, now that my opinion on the author is clear, the book. The book is excellent! The pacing is great and the story progressed just the right amount for me. In my opinion, what Sanderson does the best of any writer I have ever read, is the tear-down and rebuilding of characters. I will say, that this book seems to spend more time making everything seem like it's getting worse and worse before finally we see positive change and victories for the main characters. Not really a negative for me but it does feel like there is no hope till nearly the end of the book. I am so glad Sanderson doesn't suffer from whatever George R.R Martin and Patrick Rothfuss have been afflicted with. I think we can reasonably expect the next book in 2-3 years, which is amazing considering he will also be churning out other incredible books and stories along the way.

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By Celeste on 11-27-17


I recommended the other two books to many friends and family and unfortunately I cannot recommend this one. The book was easy to put down for days and seemed just a long set up for a next book. This story focused too much on the human flaws and frailties of the main characters which is not that interesting or fun to read/listen. All victories were short lived with the next threat looming and that gets tiring after 55 hours. It might be that my expectations were too high after the first two books in the series which I had trouble putting down and wished for more. I prefer an epic tale of heroes with super skills and powers that have great adventures to a series of battles and failures. I still think Brandon Sanderson is a great writer and although I did not enjoy this book I certainly could not do what he does and create and write a story like his.

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By Lore on 12-17-17

Journey before destination...

Brandon Sanderson finally delivered Oathbringer, the highly anticipated third entry in the Stormlight Archive, and amazingly this volume is even bigger than the first two. As the books get bigger so does the scope of the story being told and that is almost hard to believe. Each of these books would be an entire series for many other authors and the truly amazing part is that Sanderson has 7 more entries planned before he is done. This book focuses on Dalinar Kholin and the events throughout his past that shaped the man he has become. Dalinar bears the nickname Blackthorn and it is time to learn why that is.

Although Dalinar is the focus of this book, all of the main characters return and many new ones are introduced. Now that the Parshendi have summoned the Everstorm, all of Roshar is under threat and Dalinar seeks to unite the various factions together in order to survive the wrath of the Parshmen. They escaped their millennia of slavery in book two and they want to take back what they believe to be rightfully theirs. Dalinar tries to lead the defense from Urithiru, but unfortunately for him, the reputation that earned him the nickname Blackthorn comes back to haunt him.

The scope of the story once again expands significantly and this is the first time in the series that I started to worry about that fact. At this point I am invested in the existing characters and although they all still play significant roles, things have gotten so big that I wish I could spend more time with Kaladin and the men of Bridge Four than learning about the next level of story being told. The first two books of the series were the best fantasy I have ever read, but I must sadly say this one felt a little bloated. The flashbacks that explain Dalinar's past are all excellent but the larger story took center stage and the characters that I wanted to spend time were reduced to cogs in a big machine. More Bridge Four and less Shadesmar please.

The story continues to be read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading and that makes listening an extremely enjoyable way to experience this amazing story. Despite the fact that this is the weakest of the three books so far it is still the work of a master and a must listen. Book 4 is supposed to focus on Eshonai and is due in 2020.

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