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4 out of 5 stars
By AudioBook Reviewer on 10-02-17

I tore through it within a few days

The Breakdown is quite the book! I’ll be honest in that the first 2/3 of the book I was wondering when we were going to get down to the action. That last 1/3 of the book makes up for a bit of a slower pace in the beginning of the book. BA Paris really lays a nice foundation for the story and the readers, or listeners in my case, are left wondering if Cass is really losing it!

If you’ve read BA Paris’s first book, Behind Closed Doors, and you liked it, this setup is extremely similar. She seems to spend most of the book setting up that gripping ending. The question is can you make it through nearly 2/3 of a book that is ok, and has somewhat of a slow pace when you’re reading a thriller… that’s question you should ask yourself. For me, I’m really happy I stuck with this book. Let me tell you what I enjoyed…

Since I was listening to an audiobook, one of the most significant things for me is the narrator. The narrator, Georgia Maguire did an outstanding job. I adored her British accent. Besides just have a pleasing voice she delivered the different characters very well. Maguire added the perfect amount of tension and fear to her voice needed. She was able to convey Cass’s confusion throughout the book perfectly. One of the best narrations I’ve listened to!

One of my main problems with the story though was Cass herself. I wanted her to be stronger instead of this sniveling and quivering mess that she was. I think it’s why I really enjoyed the last third of the book… it was filled with tension and Cass seemed to remember who she was. However, this story was so extremely relatable and it wasn’t really far-fetched. Cass’s fears and life concerns were softly unraveled like the thread in clothing.

Just like in Behind Closed Doors, there was a twist, just like that! I was left reeling and I wasn’t able to consume this book quickly enough. I was entranced and it was utterly addictive! I loved the ending! There were parts of the conclusion that really left me flabbergasted… I didn’t see it coming! Although it wasn’t exactly surprising, you could feel the buildup, but it was the acts themselves that were surprising.

Even when the book was a bit slower, than I would have preferred with a thriller, I found I tore through it within a few days. I found myself listening quicker and quicker so I could get to the ending. That buildup was seriously intense and once BA Paris hit her pace, she didn’t let up until it was over. Once the last word was read to me, I found I wanted more. I wanted to know what happened afterward to all the people. I was hoping for good things for Cass and possibly John. What happens to Matthew, or Alex? I see that as a good sign… I enjoyed the book!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Very disappointed on 07-24-17


This is the second book by B.A. Paris whose debut was "Behind Closed Doors". I have to say that book was good but it lost my attention at points. But the ending was well worth it.
This new book will have you from the first page. Imagine you have the perfect life and one night driving past a broken down vehicle causes you to start to lose your memory. Like how to work a microwave or dishwasher, items arriving you never ordered but you did.
This book will keep you till the end and the ending won't let you down.
I have been on such a dry spell, must have started 10 books that had high ratings but were not that good. THIS IS THE BEST BOOK OF 2017 HANDS DOWN.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Jaylean Tayloe on 08-01-17

soooo good

this book is awesome. I seriously sat in the costco parking lot for over an hour.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Kelly on 08-18-17


I hate to give a book a poor review but this book is really boring. I finished it only because I didn't want to completely waste my money. The story is so repetitive. I had the whole thing figured out within the first chapter. I'm going to try the author's other book because it sounds much more interesting but I would not recommend this book.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Natalya Cappellini on 07-21-17

Wanted to love it

I absolutely loved "Behind Closed Doors," and while the narration for this one was equally good, the story was not. Similar build-up, just much less believable or exciting. The build-up was slow and boring. The motives, which were revealed after several painful hours at 1.5x, were cliché and boring. I felt no connection whatsoever to the main character/narrator and was disappointed overall.

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1 out of 5 stars
By Andrea on 08-06-17

Extremely predictable

This audiobook was such a disappointment. It was so incredibly predictable and I kept listening in hopes of being wrong but it was transparent from the very beginning. I'm sorry I wasted my credit on this book.

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