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5 out of 5 stars
By OUChris on 04-04-17

Prepare yourself for a journey that will take you to shocking places!

Warning: You won't get past chapter 1 without being hooked and pulled into this man's unexpected journey. Just know ahead of time that once you start listening, the next 11 hours of your life will be spent with Kirby Heyborne in your ear (narrating this so masterfully) because you will not be able to stop listening.

If you love a good mystery, if you love journalistic writing, if you love true crime, if you love genealogy or history, if you love twists and turns and if you love saying "what the f*ck" out loud in disbelief/horror, you will love this book.

It's an unbelievable story from start to finish. Paul's continual honesty about his shortcomings and fragility and the brutally raw truth about dark questions surrounding his genetics ground this book. I have yet to rate a book on Audible and I've been an avid listener for 2 years. I have never felt *this* compelled to rate/review a book.

Giving credit where credit is due! Paul, Alex and Kirby hit this one out of the park!

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2 out of 5 stars
By Jessica on 06-28-17

Dragged out. Overly dramatic style.

The events in this book were fascinating and horrifying, however I felt like I could have read a 10 min article and got everything I needed about the story. Personally I didn't like the authors style and felt like he was trying to hype up every little detail, as if it was an episode of dramatic TV. Which would have been more enjoyable. If you're interested in this story I recommend you spend 15 mins googling the events and save yourself hours of listening.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Gillian on 04-16-17

Dream Teams Chasing A Nightmare

I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to live the life of Paul Joseph Fronczak. From feeling like "The Other" in a family he discovered not to be his own, to finding the nightmare of his real family roots, this is a story of deep and dark secrets, of choices made in unthinkable circumstances. It's a story of people who devoted themselves to his cause, veritable Dream Teams in genealogy, crackers of code, people hunters extraordinaire.
It's a fairly non-stop listen, and Fronczak is a driven man whose story is sure to haunt and inspire. My only problem is that he, in his search/obsession, starts abandoning his own family, leaving his daughter to feel perhaps as unattached as he once felt.
His findings shed light on his ability to distance and detach without emotion, but one has to ask: How much is heredity, how much is environment, and how much is personal choice? Still, it's a darkly compelling story, still unraveling, still evolving.

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3 out of 5 stars
By C. Vincent on 06-12-17

Decent story, author too self-involved

My headline sums it up. I found his families fascinating and his search fairly interesting, but the author was clearly focused on "me, me, me," He mentions a few times that his wife says she doesn't know him and that he's too involved in his search, but it's obvious he is only paying her lip service when he mostly agrees with her in the book. His actions show he cares only about himself and he talks about that as well, but justifies it in an unsatisfying way. All that being said, it is a decent, quick listen and is worth the credit, I just didn't care for Paul Fronczak very much.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Kathy on 04-20-17

I Was Totally Engulfed By This True Story

Some of my most intense interests are genealogy, the search for one's ancestors, and the after effects of the adoption process and its varying effects on people. This book seemed right up my alley and once I learned of it, I grabbed it and started listening immediately.

The author has an unusual and totally unique story to tell. He was kidnapped from a hospital as a newborn, then later abandoned in front of a store, and subsequently returned to his parents. Or is this what really happened? He certainly never felt he fit in to his family. In middle age, he could no longer stand to wonder about who he was, why he behaved as he did, and did he really belong to these parents?

Paul Fronczak subsequently embarked on a long journey to find out the truths he had pondered much of his life. It was a three year journey that all but consumed him. It put his relationship with his parents and his marriage in jeopardy, in addition to his relationship with his beloved young daughter.

Join him in his book, feel the ups and downs, the sheer horror and excitement at what he learned, things he never dreamed of or even speculated on. From my own personal experience, once you open yourself up to learning your family's deep dark buried secrets, it is a trip from which you cannot turn back. It can be filled with incredibly amazing breakthroughs but also with disbelief and utter disappointment or even horror at the behaviors of those very ancestors you are so keen to learn about. Whether it is good or bad news, it is always eye-opening and can be very exciting.

Kirby Heyborne gave a great narration. He 'became' the author. He was wonderful.

I felt swallowed up by Paul Fronczak's story, his almost fanatical search for the truth of his existence, his tenacity, and his reactions to what he learned. I finished the book in two days. It is still playing in my mind in such a way that I am not ready to even contemplate my next read yet.

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5 out of 5 stars
By JoJo on 06-06-17

You just can't stop listening!

Not only is this story captivating, but it is well written and narrated. Your mind won't wonder off even for a minute.

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