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By Steve L on 07-13-17

Winslow continus to amaze

This is my 6th or 7th Winslow book, and is possibly one of his best. While shorter than his other works, it's captivating, fast paced and sprinkled with enough nonfiction to make it hard to turn off.

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By Pedro Lopez on 11-25-17

Gritty, realistic and a compelling listen

Another tour de force by Don Winslow! A crackling good story and well narrated! The story pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Made it hard to leave the car and go to the office. I'm looking forward to his next novel. I hope Audible will be able to get some of his earlier works back in the lineup.

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By Trailrunr on 09-18-17

If you liked The Shield ...

Simply put, a day (or month) in the life of a crooked cop who wanted to do the right thing. If Dark Blue, Training Day and the Shield sous you, you'll enjoy this.

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By D. Smith on 11-21-17

complex and exhilarating

I loved this book and the reading of it. Graham perfectly captured the feel and grittiness of New York City. Ranks among Don Winslow's best. not for the faint of heart, though less graphic than his last book, The Cartel.

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By Searcher on 11-17-17

Great story and narration

Don Winslow never ceases to amaze me. Frankie Machine, The Cartel and now The Force. This is a great story. And perfectly narrated by Dion Graham. Highly recommended.

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By Darwin8u on 06-24-17

The Fire THIS Time

This would have probaly just been another very good cop thriller without Don Winslow's race nuance (sometimes clunky, sometimes heavy-handed) and the novel's final act. Overall, 'The Force' is not as good as his Cartel series (The Power of the Dog, The Cartel), but in my opinion better than Savages. I'll detail this a bit later, but Winslow doesn't pull many punches when dealing with drug dealers, dirty cops, dirty politicos, etc. He really does get some major props from jumping right into the Black Lives Matter, Blue-on-Black dynamics. The novel's characters are arranged in such a way that the issues of Ferguson, NYC, Baltimore, LA, etc., are inescapable from the novel's narrative. You can't really tell a story about NYC cops and corruption and NOT step into issues of race. Winslow doesn't flinch.

He is also a helluva story teller and a decent, nice guy. I met him a couple weeks ago at a lecture and book signing and his reputation for being kind to his fans was evident. The publicity grind (books signings, lecturs, readings, etc) that all writers do more or less appears to be mostly grind, but Winslow was cheerful, funny, kind, patient, and carries a natural gift for engaging people and a real curiosity about humanity. In his work it is obvious that he is seeking first a good story, but he is also very interested in people. He doesn't give a shit if it cop or criminal, he likes finding the bends, the cracks, and the dark corners.

I did get to ask him a questions: "Which contemporary writers intimidate you? Make you feel like hanging it up? Question why you even write because they are THAT good?"

Winslow's answer:

1. Dennis Lehane
2. Richard Russo
3. Jim Harrison, RIP

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