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By b9indifferrence on 05-09-17

An Incredible Experince

Any additional comments?

I had purchased some time ago " The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Heirloom Collection "Narrated By Simon Vance a favorite actor since I discovered his narration of the Stieg Larsson Trilogy "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" being book 1. I enjoyed the Stories and narration and listened the complete edition. It was wonderful. When I recently discovered a new "S. Holmes" audio book edition narrated by Stephen Fry whose work I admire greatly, I was tempted to purchase the stories all over again. I was also very much interested to hear Stephen Fry's commentaries on each of the wonderful stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It proved to be one of my better audio book decisions. I rediscovered Holmes and was swept away by this superb edition, narrated by an actor with a lifelong appreciation of the Holmes characters and work. Now you can have a visit at Baker St. and sit at Watson side. Thank you to Mr. Fry for this exceptional effort. - P.S. to Audible I would very much like to purchase Mr. Fry's reading of the entire Harry Potter series even though I own the Jim Dale version...with all due respect to Mr.Dale

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By C. Telfair on 03-02-17

Totally Delicious

Could there be a better bargain? Nearly 63 hours of Sherlock Holmes read by Stephen Fry - this is an Arthur Conan Doyle fan's dream, and I, for one, could not resist!

My Audible library already contains the complete canon read by the great Derek Jacobi. My family owns the BBC DVD collection starring Jeremy Brett, and we are enthralled by the modern interpretations of Benedict Cumberbatch and the TV series "Elementary".

So, Holmes is not new to me. Yet the past few days have found me immersed in this new reading by Stephen Fry, and I have been with delight pulled into the tales of 221B Baker Street in Victorian England all over again.

Granted these classic stories can be dated. The listener/reader sometimes cringes at the prejudices and stereotypes of the past. Yet there's a reason this character goes on and on, bringing something to every generation and in each interpretation.

Fry's love for the material is clear. He narrates with an actor's skill and a fan's enthusiasm. The introductions add a welcome personal note, revealing what Arthur Conan Doyle's work has meant to the narrator. I still admire the Jacobi readings, but Stephen Fry's performance, in my opinion, is even better!

If you, like me, are an old fan, then I don't think you'll regret investing in yet another visit with Sherlock Holmes guided by the wonderful talent and voice of Stephen Fry. If, for whatever reason, you and/or your family have not read or heard the original tales, please consider experiencing them together - perhaps during car trips or before bedtime. Hours and hours of good, old-fashioned storytelling - a credit could not be better spent.

Thank you, Stephen Fry! Thank you Audible!

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By Josef Hanning on 06-06-17

Love Fry, but Where is the Case Book?

What did you like best about Sherlock Holmes? What did you like least?

This is an amazing collection, but it was billed as being the complete works, and it is not. This collection is missing an entire book of short stories. Don't bill this as the complete works, if it is not.

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By Jan McClintock on 04-13-17

Incomparable Version of Conan Doyle Classics

Any additional comments?

I cannot say enough good things about Stephen Fry's narration of these Sherlock Holmes classics. His accents are wonderful (even those of the Americans) and his timing is perfect. The introductions (by Fry) are extremely interesting and entertaining, as well. Absolutely the best purchase so far this year. Thank you for bringing this to us, Unabridged Audio and Audible!

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By BJH on 04-08-17

The chapters are not in order!

Any additional comments?

The book was split into several parts for easier download, but it was spilt horribly. I ended up with a book that wasn't in order, i hoped it would be in chronological order, and more importantly parts of it were missing and I had the hounds of baskerville twice. Once in part 3 the other in part 5.

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By Jake Howry on 08-06-17

Hardly Definitive. Great nonetheless

To be noted at the top. As several people have pointed out this is not actually a DEFINITIVE edition nor is it complete. It is missing at least 12 short stories collected as the Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, most likely because the provider of the content was unwilling to deal with the copyright issues still held up in the US. It also does not contain the semicannonical Lost Special.

If this does not bother you it is an excellent deal with lots of content excellently read by Stephen Fry with additional introductions by same.

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