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2 out of 5 stars
By Chris Vernon on 05-27-17

Piss poor character plot and logic.

Ridiculously short 1st book of a serie. A main character convinced he is intelligent and kind. But really as dumb as a rock and hold grudges against everyone. Supposely grew up poor, had other take advantage, and lord themselves over him. But he is surprised when he is abused or take advantage of... then spends forever internally threatening every slight. So the main character is a weak willed, stupid, loser.... Waste of a book. I hope the loser dies...

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1 out of 5 stars
By A and A in LA on 07-23-17

Terrible story can't be overcome by decent narration

This LitRPG is horrible. The main character is and his family are idiotic and deserve most of what bad things come their way. The main character makes stupid choices that turn out better than they should due to his sense of self-righteousness. The economy and politics of the world the author created make no sense. It is a stupider version of every dystopic young adult novel that panders to people's sense of resentment. That can work but it is so crass and poorly handled in this that it just annoys you. The villains make no sense. The protagonist makes little sense. His family is a bunch of idiots who insist that they are smarter than society will admit except their every action proves that they are idiots.

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3 out of 5 stars
By M. B. Richards on 04-01-17

Uber Short

Was unpleasantly surprised at how short this was. At 2 hours, it doesn't even qualify as the first act. Just enough to get you interested...then done.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Tracy McMahon on 03-25-17

Short and sweet

Overall I enjoyed this book. Only problem is that it was too short. Sort of left you hanging waiting for more.

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2 out of 5 stars
By jane on 03-06-17

Has been done before better

What would have made Difficulty: Legendary better?

To make this book better a story line to follow the introduction. As it is i feel like I have read this before some where else. The cost vs length of the book is another issue, as better books have given me four to five times the value at the same cost. I do like te performance of Guy Williams and look forward to his work in the future.

What do you think your next listen will be?

The phantom castle or Split the Party

Which scene was your favorite?

fighting the goblin King

What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment?


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3 out of 5 stars
By Ray Johnson on 08-07-18

Dismal narration makes Legendary difficult

This was a tough book for me to review. I keep trying to find a really good short Litrpg story, something that in under 5 hours to listen to and be amazed by, and so far I keep coming up short, no pun intended. The issue that I have is that the story is pretty decent, but the narration is of such meh quality that it lowers the potential of the tale. The reading style is solidly mediocre and mostly monotone in melody. The story is set in the future where you get entry into a game called REFUSE one time. You get to play as long as you can until you die, and then that is it, as Hudson would say it’s Game over man, game over. You don’t get to go back. The MC, makes it inside the game for an hour before dying, because he is sent to a level 70+ area even though he is level 0. He protests the death, because he was not placed where he needed to be, but it all falls on deaf ears and he is doomed to enter military service. Then, someone sends him a cheat and he reenters the game, with a chance to earn some much needed credits for his family. He then proceeds to doing every single thing wrong that he possibly can, and never learns from anything. He is a complete and utter noob.

That is the one part that makes this believable to me. His family is really poor, and it takes credits to do everything in the society he is in, and just looking information up on the internet costs more money than he can afford, so he never really had a chance to learn about the world he is entering, or what options he had skill wise, magic wise, and so forth. He goes into it blindly, and his trusting (or stupid nature) is evidenced by how he handles a woman on a bus in need of credit to get home. So, you can forgive him for doing altruistic things even though you know that they will never work out right for him.

As I said, William’s narration is unexciting, weak, and lacking any real impact to the story. It’s kind of like someone in need of sleep trying to read you the business section of the newspaper that’s upside down. It’s not going to get far. It’s not so bad that I wanted to plug up my ears, but this was a short book, and I didn’t have to listen all that long. There is a follow up tale called Tinker, Tailor, Giant, Dwarf, which I have already purchased, so I may review it in the future. We’ll see, because that is a 7 plus hour adventure, and I don’t know if I can handle Williams that long.

This could have been a real gem, but the narration was a major flaw.

Even though I did receive a promo code for this review it in no way influenced my considerations of the material, and in fact, inspired me to be more honest. Getting a code generally makes me harsher as a reviewer as I am more often concerned what someone like Me will decide based on my review.

If this review helped, please press the YES below. Thank you immensely!!!

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