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5 out of 5 stars
By Cheri on 10-31-16

Sinfully Seductive, Satisfyingly Sweet!

…. And the best part of Man Candy, it's calorie free!

I loved this five star audio! Harlow delivers a steamy, yummy, sexy, funny romance that will satisfy both your naughty and nice fantasies. The witty banter and sexy games Quinn and Jaime play will get your heart racing, make you blush, and have you craving more.

Some spoilers;
When Jamie was a teenager, she confessed her feelings to her brother's best friend Quinn; however, Quinn deflects her admission in part out of respect for the family who's been good to him. He didn't feel it would be right to take advantage of the situation. He's devastatingly handsome and soon lands a modeling job that takes him away for one modeling gig after another.

Years later, Jaime is all grown up and has a successful career but life has taught her true love doesn't exist. She's happy with her life, and close friends, but doesn't believe she needs a man or a relationship to make her happy. Oh, she will date from time to time, have hot sex but with her rules she will never commit or say the "L" word.

Jamie and her brother both own an apartment building that has two apartments attached. She lives in one of the apartments; however, her brother decides to temporarily rent out the other apartment to Quinn who is back in town because he is wants to start working on changing careers. At first, Jamie doesn't want anything to do with Quinn, but he soon convinces her to go out on a date in an attempt to convince her love does exist. Quinn finds Jamie's walls and rules are tough barriers but he works patiently to break through them all.

Man Candy had me smiling, blushing, swooning and laughing, and I devoured, savored and craved every minute. It was well worth the time and credit, and I'm happy to have found another author to follow.

Lee Samuels and Brooke Bloomingdale performance rocked. I loved how they delivered all the sweet, sultry, steamy scenes. I look forward to listening to more audios by either of these narrators.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Sara Eisenhower on 02-14-17

Almost Great

This book was so close to awesome for me. Let me preface this by saying that my issues are entirely due to personal preference and nothing to do with the writing or performance. In face, the narration was great by both parties and the story itself was sexy and fun but there was one thing that just kept getting under my skin enough that it detracted from my experience. The heroine. Again, it's entirely personal preference, but she just got on my nerves. The neurosis and the irrationality just made me want to reach through the headphones and give her a smack. She's the kind of woman who drives me nuts in real life. Who says one thing and tries to push the man away and then gets pissed off when the man doesn't try to pursue her. It's beyond aggravating. The whole saying one thing but expecting the guy to read your mind and know you mean something else. Grrrr...

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4 out of 5 stars
By Kim D. on 01-18-17

I loved this book

I really liked this book.

It was very well written, and the story has you falling in love with the characters. While I'm not as extreme as Jaimie, I'm one of those woman that are not very emotional. I don't want to be touched constantly, or talk about my feelings... yuck. With that said I do love my husband of 10 years deary, and he's learned to deal with my quirks. ;)
So I can relate to her character and that drew me in to the story even more.

I loved Quinn too, my only complaint would be that he was too sweet. He seemed like the girl in the relationship; I needed him to be more manly, or cocky... or something. He was just missing something.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Lindsey on 12-16-16


I couldn't get into this book. I still have 4 hours left and just can't finish it. Just not the book for me. I wasn't a fan of the heroine in this, at all. I couldn't connect with her, so I don't even care about how this book ends.

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5 out of 5 stars
By sunshine on 11-11-16

jumping the gun

I like this book it was funny sexy adorable a little bit of mix-up sweetness and Spice. I like that they made the woman strong not weak. I like how they meet up again and he tries. she fights her inner battles to be with him love it

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5 out of 5 stars
By Trinigal78 on 11-08-16

Surprisingly Amazing

I wasn't expecting this book to be as good as it was! it's a keeper

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