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2 out of 5 stars
By Evan M Carlson on 11-01-17

Formula over fiction

I remember when I read the DaVinci Code. I couldn't put it down. And when I did, it was 4am and I was half convinced a Spanish albino monk was going to come crashing through my window.

Maybe it isn't fair to compare the two, but this felt lazy by comparison. It's possible I'm immune at this point to the twists that Dan Brown takes the reader down, but I honestly don't think his heart was in the story. This felt more like an excruciatingly protracted science lesson than a mystery thriller.

I say this as a fan of Brown and as someone who will continue to read about Professor Langdon - regardless of the absurdity of his "romances" and leaps in logic - but this was the most disappointing "adventure" Langdon has embarked on. I honestly wanted to like it, but there were times in the story when I rolled my eyes so often, my wife thought that I was having stroke.

Return to Angels & Demons or DaVinci Code...even Inferno, but leave this on the shelf with the Lost Symbol.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Dan Largent on 10-14-17

Formulaic and (Sadly) Predictable but worth the read.

This was the first Dan Brown novel I chose to listen to on Audible. I typically like to read novels the old fashioned way, and listen to non-fiction on Audible.

When I first started reading Dan Brown novels, I loved that while his plots all seemed to follow the same formula and arc, they were rarely so predictable from the start. In almost every other DB book, I would find myself at a point where I’d feel glib for not seeing a plot twist coming.

That being said, this was an enjoyable book, and well-worth the Audible credit at 18+ hours.

It just wasn’t Dan Brown’s best effort, and I was really hoping for less exhausting over-explanation of details that don’t impact the plot. Dan Brown’s critics typically point to this as his biggest flaw, as if he’s trying to turn an 80 chapter book into one that’s over 100 like this one.

What I did love:

DB always does an amazing job creating imagery, especially when describing the setting and characters.

The narrator was FANTASTIC in my opinion. I really enjoyed listening to him read the book.

The theme of the plot. It was topical and very relevant to current societal issues.

All in all I give this novel:

3/5 Overall
5/5 Audiobook Performance

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4 out of 5 stars
By WVU BUCKEYE on 10-14-17

my least favorite of his books

I have listened to all of Dan Brown's books...one was even on cassette! This one actually lost my attention several times. Usually these are great driving books due to the excitement, but this one was a bit too philosophical. It sometimes bound up the flow of the story and I had to relisten to sections because my mind had wondered. Definitely a Dan Brown book, but not his best.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Rita T on 10-13-17

You lost me in the last 3 hrs

So much excitement, then what should have the best part of the book turned into a scientific lecture. Now my head hurts and I don’t care when or how life started.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Justin Z. on 10-13-17


The writing is uninspired, boring, and repetitive. The pace is very slow. The suspense feels contrived. The subplots are unimportant/uninteresting. I seriously considered returning the book midway through. But the promise of the big science discovery and the superb narrator kept me going. In the end, it was just ok, nothing ground breaking as promised. Surprisingly Brown cites real scientists and their ongoing preliminary research in the final presentation.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Dan on 11-27-17

Long-Winded, Wordy, and PREACHY

This was my first Dan Brown read. First off, i really enjoyed how Dan Brown incorporated real life locations and history into this fiction story. However, a small part of me almost felt like Dan Brown was trying to preach his religious agenda in this book. Moreover i almost felt like that book was long-winded and lengthy. Call me young and stupid but i really felt like there where large chunks of seemingly irrelevant matter that doesn't really advance the narrative - ex. Herman's Melville's lengthy descriptions of different types of whaling ships and species of whales - really didn't need all that info. (Sorry if you're offended). I picked this book because i wanted a good mystery/adventure/suspense book. Overall i give this book a 3.5 out 5.

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