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2 out of 5 stars
By Sara on 01-03-18

WWII Homefront Struggles

I'm of two minds about this book. On one hand I think the author captured the rigid, dire and harsh realities of loss, war and grief. This story had all of the elements needed to portray WWII homefront life with historic accuracy. The blend of religiosity, domestic violence, and the paternalistic approach was probably how many people actually lived at the time. Grim but true.

On the other hand, the characters seemed so one dimensional and undeveloped. I never felt that I understood what motivated the actions and behaviors of these unlikable and almost card board cutout beings. There were places in the book where I really hated the story. I dreaded the predictable interaction between several of the family members.

To make this book work the author needed to find a way to breathe life into the characters. Instead it became just like the joke about the people we all know who love to regale you with what I call the litany of disaster. You know the stuff--and then his right leg fell off, and then the dog died and then the house burned down--and then...and so on.

In the end, while this was probably an accurate portrayal of life during WWII for some people, I had trouble feeling empathy and connection with the characters and the story.

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1 out of 5 stars
By MoonBeamDreamZ on 01-16-18

Don’t waste your time

I thought this was a terrible book. I am a spiritual person, but this really leaned too hard on the God issue. It jumped back and forth from the fathers life and his issues, to his children’s lives. There was no real gripping substance with the story. Not even the narrator could pull me in. Depressing. blehhhhh

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2 out of 5 stars
By Jennifer McMurtrie on 12-04-17

Adequate to tell story

This book told a story, but there was no real artistry to it. The characters were one dimensional and fell flat. If it weren't for my weird desire to know how it ends (with all books in general, not just this one) I wouldn't have finished the book. It isn't often I feel that way.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Joseph on 11-15-16

Just a Good Story of the Pain of Real Life

Any additional comments?

The book is a good story, well told, and superbly read of the pain and ordeals of real life in a small town. A bit overdramatic at times, but that was ok. I think most people will really enjoy. I am glad I tried something a bit different.

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3 out of 5 stars
By sandy on 06-16-18

A good read

I liked Bitter Rain much better, but did enjoy this. I like this author. Jonathan was a little too whiny for me . Set an example of weakness to his children. Never saw his household for what it really was? The minister had to tell him? For one night he drinks and acts out and I have a feeling his new wife is never going to let that go the rest of his life! Good man though, I should not critizize.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Karen Watts on 05-27-18


Sorry, it was jus a bit too cheesy religious for me. A certain amount is ok, but this seemed like the guy was almost a fanatic. If it had been toned down just. Bit and he had a little common sense, I would have found it more believable. As it was, I got more of a mental illness vibe from it.

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