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5 out of 5 stars
By Treelistener on 11-29-16

It worked for me

Any additional comments?

I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars. It is very detailed, clearly explains every concept, and gives a totally different approach to dealing with bulimia or BED. I also appreciated the author's personal story. There was much that I easily related to.

I was a binge eater for about 40 years. I quit binge eating before I finished the book. My whole attitude toward food has changed. I did not expect that, and I am so grateful to have found this book.

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5 out of 5 stars
By VV on 09-24-16

Powerful ideas based on personal experience

This book contains story of the author's struggle and recovery followed by the detailed analysis rooted in neuroscience.

Ideas presented in this book are easily generalizable to other eating disorders and bad eating habits. I personally don't have bulimia. What I have is a bad eating habit which I was not able to stop in many years. It does not cause me any emotional suffering, but does cause my weight to hover 25 lbs above of what I believe it should be and what it was before I developed this bad habit.

The core message of this book is that your cravings are not you. Cravings originate in your animal brain and your human brain is capable of simply observing these thoughts without acting on them. Such dissociation makes the cravings to lose their power and over time cures the addiction.

I liked the narration of this book. It turns out that the book was narrated by a person who suffered from bulimia and cured after reading the book.

Overall I enjoyed listening to this book, learned the science behind the food addiction and one powerful technique for stopping it.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer on 07-23-17

Please re-record this book!

I think it's a good book. It's the author's personal account of how she uses Rational Recovery methods to end her bingeing. It's inspired me to find some other books that are helping me a lot. Honestly, though...I couldn't finish listening!! The narrator's sinus issues, her drone-like reading, and the choppy editing are all terrible. The narration doesn't do the content justice. I'll look for a copy at Half-Priced Books and finish what I couldn't stand to listen to any longer. Re-record this book!

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3 out of 5 stars
By Maggie on 07-15-17

Too long, Poor Editing

I like the simple message she was delivering and how it's a different perspective on binge recovery. There is a lot of research out there regarding 'retraining your brain', emphasizing breaking conditioned neural pathways and forming new ones, and knowing that I was able to really connect with her message.

However, this book was TOO long. Her extensive description of her history and specific details of life events could've been shortened exponentially, and many times felt repetitive or unnecessary. There was also poor editing done as I'm pretty sure the phrase "urges to binge" was used at least 1000+ times, qualifying it as a new drinking game as whenever you hear it spoken.

The quality of the audiobook is also subpar. No excitement in the reader, so it sounds like a monotone robot throughout the entire book. Not to mention, starting in Part 2, they didn't take mistakes out so you hear her repeating the beginning of the sentence over and over, plus some static, etc.

Overall, maybe I would recommend if someone was desperate enough or I thought would connect to the long message, but it's an amateur book at best.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Robert on 04-14-17

If I hadn't listened to this book myself!

if i hadn't listened to this book myself, I wouldn't have believed it! I am a 51 year old male. I've been to over eaters anonymous, been to 3 different nutritionists, a psychologist, a clinical weight loss program, have been a member of several gyms in an effort to lose weight and was even prescribed phentermine at one time. I have been struggling with binge eating and sugar cravings and have damaged my body for years from binging on sugar. I have never been able to control my sugar cravings and have been addicted to sugar since childhood. This book in 3 DAYS !!!!! CHANGED MY LIFE !!!! Like I said. I know it sounds unbelievable . My struggle is over! Besides a little bit of sadness from thinking about how my life could have possibly been so much better had I known this information years ago, I couldn't be happier. Thank You so much Kathryn Hansen. Words cannot express my gratitude. p.s. My better half has also used this information to quit smoking. I urged her to replace "urge to binge" with "urge to smoke". Her first 3 days for were quite difficult but After 22 years as a smoker she is completely Smoke free.

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1 out of 5 stars
By Cyndiloulabell on 03-08-18

Natrator is hard to listen to

Nasal, monotone narrator made this book really hard to listen to. Had to abandon after only getting half way through!

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