We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

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By PW on 04-12-17

Ignore the Publisher's Summary! This is Amazing!

While I enjoy science fiction, I'm not a die-hard reader of it. I kept seeing this book pop up in my recommendations, and I kept ignoring it each time I read the publisher's summary. It seemed like a generic plot and nothing notable. I suspect the author of the publisher's summary only read the first few chapters, as they didn't really seem to know what the book was about.

The story is interesting and fast-paced. In addition, Ray Porter is extremely talented and did an incredible job of delivering the story, as well as all the emotion and humor that went with it. I think this is one of his best performances.

I don't write reviews for books, but this one was good enough that I wanted to take the opportunity to potentially nudge someone else that might be on the fence about it.

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By Jean on 08-04-17


I have been attempting to expand on the science fiction authors I read. I discovered this debut novel by Dennis E. Taylor and decided to try it. I try to read debut novels to support new authors. The idea of the story I found intriguing. A brilliant software engineer was hit by a car and died unexpectedly. He had requested his brain be frozen at his death. When he is revived a hundred years later, he discovers that his mind has been co-opted by a group of religious fanatics called FAITH. Bob’s mind is now the computer AI of a space probe sent out to explore the galaxy for a new planet to inhabit. Bob then creates more of himself to spread out around the universe looking for an inhabitable planet. It turns out two other groups are hunting for an inhabitable planet also and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal.

The book is well written. I found the idea of the human mind in the role of a controlling AI fascinating. The characters are interesting; the plot well developed. There is humor, good dialog and the story is highly entertaining.

The book is nine and half hours long. Ray Porter does an excellent job narrating the book. This is an example of how a great narrator makes the story better. Porter is an actor and award-winning audiobook narrator.

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By bluestategirl on 12-29-16

Dizzying Tour de Force Performance of Great Book!

So many Bobs, so little time --

If you love sci fi, you already know about this awesome book. It's a pretty original concept -- governments clone human-personality-infused-AIs and send them into space as self-replicating probes to find new planets for humans to inhabit. Some of the probes go insane, some turn into weapons of mass destruction, and some . . .

. . . well, Bob is different. A bit of an independent loaner with no political axe to grind, Bob sets about creating a 'world' HE can live in first! Still, the prime directive is all about replicating, so bring on the Bobs!

Ray Porter does an amazing job voicing the various Bobs -- and all the other characters in this book -- while the pop culture sci fi references provide opportunities for a few homages to beloved characters. The book would not have been as fun to listen to without him!



ALSO, ahem. Sorry. Also, here's a shout out to Jim the Impatient for the recommendation! Thanks big guy!

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By Jim "The Impatient" on 09-29-16


This is what Science Fiction is meant to be. The fans for this book will be Legion. This is full of lots of space travel, exploring of planets, terraforming, discovery of aliens, science talk, colonization, and of course THE BOBS AND THE BOBIAN FEDERATION. I was reminded of THE MARTIAN, although not as funny, Frederik Pohl and James P. Hogan. There are some space fights, but those who love space and all the possibilities, will enjoy this most.

As usual, Ray Porter makes this even better.


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By Rory on 11-08-16

Only an Hour into the Book !!

I know there are a ton of people who have listened to this book already and have provided excellent reviews ... hell, that's why I bought the book.

I'm only an hour into this book, but it's already done something that no other audiobook that I've bought has done before. I was taking the train into work when I laughed out loud with a thunderous "HA!". I think I knew that I did it, but after glancing around the train car, virtually everyone was smiling at me.

Dennis Taylor can write ... and Ray Porter is giving me a great performance.

Thank you to everyone's review I read that convinced me I had to listen to this book.

And for everyone reading this ... buy it. You won't regret it.

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By The Great Buzzwami on 10-19-16

Wow, much more original and better than I thought it would be!

Really entertaining and well reasoned update on some classic science fiction staples like see seed ships and artificial intelligence that goes beyond its original intentions. The story is much more than that: A little humor, a little space exploration, a little space battles, technology G – whizzes and narrow escapes. I couldn't put it down.

I rarely give all five stars. I reserve it to no more than one review a year. It's also great to find good narrator's that are up to the story, Ray Porter did an outstanding job and I'll look for other books narrated by him.

There is a little bit of the Star Trek "I just thought of this groundbreaking technological leap forward and it works!" to it - but you do have to move the story along…

The humor of the Bob's is great and much appreciated. Humor is a welcome addition to the science-fiction genre in the last couple years. It reminds me a little of "SuperEgo" by Frank Fleming.

Book 2 as soon as possible please.

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