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By Andre M. Gorelkin on 09-04-16

Slow start but a gripping experience

I highly recommend this book for fans of psychological thrillers. I would warn that it is a frightening story, and while not frankly violent, there is some upsetting content regarding abuse.
I'd also suggest that the listener needs to be patient for the story to get off the ground. In my opinion, the author spent far too much time laying groundwork when the issues are pretty obvious for anyone with the least bit of skeptical disbelief of 'perfect' appearing existences.
This book straddles the horror genre as well- I've just finished and find myself with an ongoing sense of dread and fear that built as I listened. For anyone who says that this 'could not happen'- think again. And

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By Ann on 08-15-16


Wow...I've listened to MANY audio books and never felt the need to write a review after I was done. But this book definitely deserves recognition! I could not stop listening!!! It was intense, nail biting...all the way till the very end. The details were so well written that I actually felt like I was living in the moment of the story. I could not stop listening. At first I thought ok, this will be just a regular suspense story...starting of with the details of each character. But within 2 hours into it, I was hooked! Written VERY WELL, narrated VERY WELL!

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By Eric on 10-08-16

A solution that works if it is too hard to listen

After reading the initial description, I felt this this book reminded me a bit of Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. As the story unfolded in opening chapters, one wondered when the darkness would enter the story. When it inevitably did, this turned out to be a very different story than Big Little Lies. Reviewers who are incredulous at the premise have every reason to be, but I suspect the psychological torture in the story is present in modern society in human stories that are just as incredible. The author cleverly and elegantly closed off all the options for Grace and Millie's escape, doing so as effectively as one could to scaffold the story.

Still, once the darkness entered the story I could not go on much more than 30-60 minutes before throwing in the towel. It was too dark and uncomfortable and I figured I would just return the credit. Yet, reviews promised a great ending, and I considered the ending in Big Little Lies to be perhaps the most multilayered and well-structured ending to a novel I could imagine reading. Could this also have a great ending?

So I decided I could try to skip the middle four hours of the story, and pickup with something like an hour forty left in the story. It worked for me. I just can't listen to that much darkness and I assumed that is all it would be, replete with creative ways to make Grace's situation seem even more hopeless. In the expectation that perhaps the ending would be great, and that I knew enough of the storyline to pickup the last fifth or sixth of the story, I decided at least to give it a try. The ending was indeed very well done, and while nothing in this genre is going to match Big Little Lies, it had enough intricacies and layers - right up to and including the last three letter word in the book - for me to give the book a strong overall rating. It was worth the credit to me, even if I skipped the middle half of the book which I assumed would be too psychologically gruesome for me to bear. It was a good way to manage the listen.

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By Lady J on 09-16-16

Very enjoyable psychological thriller

Thoroughly enjoyed this! Stressed me out and enraged me but in a good way. you will b rooting for the main character. I couldn't stop listening to it. my fave book I've listened to in a long time! Gonna tell everyone I know to read or listen to it so that it will b made into a movie!

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By Tammy Sue on 10-04-16

The more I listened, the more I got annoyed

It was a great story at first. But the more I listened, the more I got annoyed with the main character being such a wimp and twit. I could tell it was going to all work out in the end, and I just got weary waiting for it to get there.

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By KatherineC605 on 09-30-16

A very unbelievable, not realistic story

I chose this after seeing the 5star reviews and immediately questioned the reviews when I started the first chapter. The story line was weak and unbelievable. There was no character buildup. I wouldn't consider this a light, beach read. It was just bad. I don't like to be mean but I can't believe that this book was published. It really felt like the publisher was just looking to make money off a book where people would compare it to Gone Girl. It was nowhere near the quality of Gone Girl. They must have paid people to write the 5star reviews. Sorry to put the author down but where was the effort in making this story believable??

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