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4 out of 5 stars
By Ms Alison C on 03-22-17

relaxing to listen too

quite addictive although predictable. read one & two so far. off to read book 3

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3 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer on 01-05-17

Funny and light

I had the full spectrum of emotions with this story I think it was deeper than the first one in the series, it was still twee though.
Loved the little boy and Devon - what a honey. xx

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4 out of 5 stars
By Kindle Customer on 11-21-16

There will be chuckling, snorting & loud laughs

I must say I really enjoyed this book, actually more than the first book, mainly because Jenny's internal monologue is way more hilarious than May's. The sudden southern twang of characters like Dev threw me off a bit as the accent wasn't so present in the narration of the first book but I settled in pretty quickly.

The kids were a wonderful addition to this book as well, they were true to their ages and as a mum I could picture so many of the scenes in my head because they sound like most of my days. I was just cracking up or cringing right alongside Jenny. The lead and supporting characters were people the reader could really like. I love seeing Jenny emerging from her Mum cocoon - that stage when you're suddenly waking up from this unrecognisable person you've become after you've been immersed in child-rearing for so long that you forgot about yourself. The move from paralytic fear to little leaps of faith was beautiful to watch. I laughed all the way through their sex scene because she was so pleased with herself! Also great was the fact that Dev got a lot more personality development than Ozzie did in the first book. We learn almost as much about his motivations and fears as we learnt Jenny's. Sadly, I still couldn't give this 5 stars for a few reasons.
While Dev got more personality, his back story is full of holes. There is so much about Dev that could have made this story just blow my mind but it seems the leading men in this series don't get as much emphasis as the ladies. Not sure that works well for me. I like partnerships in romance.
I think maybe this series could benefit from another POV or the omnipresent narrator approach in order to really amp up the action factor. Given that Dev is a 'ninja', Bourbon St Boys is an elite security firm with a boo-yah panic room, and Jenny keeps landing in the hot seat, I'd expect an opportunity for us to see Dev let those limbs of his fly in defence of his lady and even the kids... though out of their sight. Sammy did not need to see anything getting chopped off, LOL!
Too much repetition. I know we tend to run the same thoughts through our heads over and over depending on our 'issues' but as this is fiction, rely on the reader to remember stuff like Jenny is a scaredy cat, Miles' cheques bounce, etc.

On the flip side, the foreshadowing for Toni's story promises some real action and a leading lady who can handle it. Can't wait!

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