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5 out of 5 stars
By Paranormaly Yours on 03-09-16

I love the stuffing out of this series!

Midnight Marked, Book 12 of the Chicagoland Vampire Series, has begun bringing us one step closer to Ethan and Merit's prophecy told by pack leader Gabriel. Although this latest installment of the series, brings us to a full out war with an oldie but goodie of a villain, the story comes full circle right back to Merit's beginning. Holy crackers, who would have thought! Strap on your katana's and pack a battle snack cause your gunna need it!

Cadogan House is in the spotlight once again, and not in a good way. Their latest nemesis Adrian Reed stirs up some sheep soup, and is forcing Ethan and Merit to eat it. With the murder of a shifter, Gabriel and his pack are on a hair pin trigger for war. While Ethan and Merit try to uncover the true murderer, some of Gabriel's pack members go rogue, and bring a nasty fight to Cadogan's front door! Meanwhile, the Red Guard has been aloof with Merit lately, and she finally meets with them and voices her concerns and opinions on what has been going on with them in regards to not helping vampires, like their oath decrees. This outburst with the Red Guard forces Jonah, Merit's RG partner to have a heart to heart with her.

This book was incredible! I mean, I was all over the place with emotions. Conflict, unrequited love, loss, longing, betrayal, but above all else loyalty. Finally the other houses show some fracking back bone and stand to fight along side Cadogan House! I was so proud of Morgan, and happy that he wasn't the butt of their jokes in this book. Catcher showed some wicked moves, and Mallory kinda got on my nerves a bit when she confronted Merit about Gabriel's prophecy. The plot twist was pretty impressive with the way it tied things together that goes all the way back to book 1, my word! Midnight Marked delivered an excellent mix of excitement, action, and drama that kept me glued to my seat!

Narrator Sophie Eastlake is a Goddess. I love her, and she is fang-tab-ulous!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Donna on 08-15-16

Great as always!

I am not disappointed at all with this book it was a good as all the others! Can't wait for the next one. Hope it is real soon!

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5 out of 5 stars
By TheLadyKT on 04-05-16

Good story but....

Any additional comments?

Again the narrator cannot do male voices. They all sound bored or exhausted. In addition, she's now forgotten how she pronounced certain names like Celina Desaulniers. That really annoys me. However I really enjoyed the story. While parts I guessed, others were a surprise to me.

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5 out of 5 stars
By caroline s on 03-06-16

another winner!!!

I am still so jazzed about this series. strong female role, depth of secondary characters. perfect length of text so I get my fix and the frequency of her release dates is timed so I still have the last novel pretty fresh in memory. love this books.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Bewaji on 03-12-16

At Last....

Even though Merit, Ethan and their allies and friends are facing another earth shattering threat, I am just happy their personal life is also moving forward. Albeit at snail speed, but at least we are reading more than a phrase about the promised child they are supposed to have. Also at last, we have the marriage proposal from Ethan **sheesh**. Why am I talking about that instead of the potential threat from their current enemy? It is because I want some romance for once in their lives.

Apart from the first two books where the romance or the promise of one is balanced with the catastrophic fights, the series has been all about survival for the H and h and their friends. This book is no exception. It is full of action, but also a little bit of romance. This is one of my favorite series that I follow religiously. Love it.

I really do not like the actor's voice of the male characters, especially that of Ethan. It is crucial to get the hero's voice to pert.

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4 out of 5 stars
By V from Kansas on 05-29-18

Oh, to be so creative!

I’ve really enjoyed this series. Actually, I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much. The plots have such creative elements in them that I am always pleasantly surprised. I wish I had the gift of being so creative but, alas, God didn’t grant me that gift. My only real criticism is about the narration. The narrator is very talent but, she struggles with performing male voices. Therefore, they sound like an elderly man or a breathing speaking man. This does not come across as Alpha Master Vampire, to me. Dual narration could have really improved the listen.Oh well, one more book in the series.
- V from Kansas

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