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5 out of 5 stars
By Adam Bailey on 02-09-16

Pure Gold!

Okay, so I'm on a Monica binge-reading fest; I'm borderline obsessed! It's all Monica all the time right now, and it's so awesome! 

This is another absolute must read in the Growth Hacking for Storytellers series. The 8-Minute Writing Habit highlights the framework in Nail Your Story and will help you develop a writing routine that integrates easily with your life. 

Once again Cindy Piller does a fine job with the naration. 

Many great ideas, but my favorite takeaways are: taking your writing mobile, the plan c method, and using the method of decent.

Another winner. 

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5 out of 5 stars
By T. Bennett on 02-03-16

More Than Just Setting up a Routine...

This book is about more than developing a daily writing habit. It's about finding ways to deal with the thoughts in your head that keep you from actually writing words on the screen. That's why this book over delivers.

Monica also gives you pointers on setting up a daily writing schedule is. (I personally find my fastest dictation speed is when I do five minute writing sprints rather than eight.)

I recommend this book to any new writer who wants to write something but can't seem to silence the critical voices in their head.

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5 out of 5 stars
By RehdWolfe on 03-01-16

Solid practical advice on getting started

What did you love best about The 8-Minute Writing Habit?

I've read / listened to other writing craft books by Monica (Write Better Faster and Dictate Your Book) and have found them invaluable. This book serves as a great "first part" of those books presented as a series. While listening to this audiobook I dearly wished I had heard advice like hers decades ago.

I've always felt it was in me to be a writer. In fact, the idea of being a writer just would not let me go. Writing had always been this mysterious and overwhelming endeavor to me. It wasn't so much that I was intimidated by it, which I was, but more that I felt like I couldn't really truly begin until I had enormous amounts of time to dedicate to study and practice. I felt like if I didn't have enormous amounts of time to meditate by the bodhi tree drinking herbal tea then there was no real reason to even try to begin. This attitude delayed my even beginning in earnest for years.

What I like best about approaches like Monica's is that she demonstrates, in concrete terms, how one can succeed in writing by treating it like any other project with specific goals, milestones and actions. When I was learning martial arts the instructors didn't tell me to "just martial arts already" but instead showed me specific actions and forms and then told me to practice. Monica's writing is like that.

After listening to "The 8 Minute Writing Habit" I had the opportunity to reflect on the successes I already had in life and could clearly envision how I could achieve in this area as well.

Monica's writing is also accessible. She clearly remembers what it is like to be a beginner and would probably describe herself in that context still. I am really glad she wrote this book. I only wish I had internalized advice like this years ago.

What did you like best about this story?

I really like the concrete and specific advice she gives on creating the writing habit. This book begins one on the journey from the intention to write in some vaguely, preposterously organized 'someday' into this very messy today. I know that one day, Lord willing, I will be a successful writer as I define it. Advice like Monica's will have helped me get there.

What about Cindy Piller’s performance did you like?

Having heard Monica in several podcasts, ("The Creative Penn", "The Self-Publishing Podcast" and et cetera.) I was a little thrown by the decidedly non-monica voice on offer here. However, the warmth of Cindy's voice won me over in the end.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Ohstacy—Sight Seecrets on 03-23-16

Building volumes of books...8 minutes at a time!

Would you listen to The 8-Minute Writing Habit again? Why?

I actually listened to the first part of the 8-Minute Writing Habit TWICE. I've been a published writer for 40 years (yep, 40!) and have never (no, never!) experienced writer's block. However, I still found Ms. Leonelle's soul-searching narrative revealing even at my stage of the word game. I would definitely listen to Part One again; the other two parts, not so much. Though Part Two and Part Three offered some interesting insights, I discovered no "novel" ideas in the sections.

What other book might you compare The 8-Minute Writing Habit to and why?

Chapter After Chapter: Discover the Dedication & Focus You Need to Write the Book of Your Dreams, Heather Sellers (Author)

A Writer's Time: Making the Time to Write
Kenneth Atchity (Author)

And, the many other books out there that teach the systematic approach to time management BEFORE teaching the writing craft itself!

Which scene was your favorite?

Again, I found the first part of The 8-Minute Writing Habit invaluable.

What did you learn from The 8-Minute Writing Habit that you would use in your daily life?

I tend to be too regimented and have incorporated Ms. Leonelle's "Plan C" into my life; do the minimal amount required to check the to-do item off your list. This idea eases my stress; good stuff.

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5 out of 5 stars
By James on 03-08-16

8 minutes.

so, I'm always looking for MORE TIME. I have a disabled daughter, my 81 year old mom lives with us, and requires a lot of love, and of course... full time 5th grade teacher. So, time. well, this book found it for me. just finished, but with the amount of hospital time I do, waiting on others... I can get my screenplays and novels done with her simple solutions.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Best Guess on 02-16-16

Motivation made easy.

Simple and straightforward strategy for success, Monica breaks down the Writer's Block wall with easy to implement "baby steps" - writing in 8 minutes a day!!!

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