A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

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5 out of 5 stars
By Pusang Tulog on 10-14-15

What separates Lloyd from Dotrice

There is no argument that Martin's writing style is excellent for listening and not all fictional works are. Some are awkward when read aloud. However, it does make a difference who reads it. Maybe it's the breathing, the phrasing or whatever--but listening to Dotrice feels like you're sitting at your grandfather's feet while he tells you a story. Maybe some people prefer that. But others like me, not so much. It just gets in the way when you are listening to the reader rather than the story.

Lloyd literally disappears in the narrative and you forget you are being read to. The immersion is that good.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Celeste Albers on 04-26-16

Martin is a genius

I usually avoid prequels as they are usually an attempt to further capitalize on a popular series and not that good. Not so here.
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a stand alone, beautifully realized tale of bravery, honor, friendship and betrayal. Some of the best action scenes I have read/heard can be found here along with a bit of intrigue.
The narration was very well done.
I will listen to this title again and look forward to the continuation of this prequel almost as much as I yearn for The Winds of Winter!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Momster Cupcakes on 10-12-15

I was worried about the reader...

because it wasn't Roy Dotrice. But I shouldn't have been. Excellent narration and an excellent story. This is a great addition to The Song of Ice and Fire stories while we wait FOREVER for the next book!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Jim "The Impatient" on 10-08-15


This is three novellas of which THE HEDGE KNIGHT is the first and best. This is one of my favorite stories of all time. I first read it in my beautiful First Edition of Legends by Robert Silverberg (1998). If you can find a copy, get it, it is beautiful. I also believe audible has it in several volumes. It is a great story of chivalry and life in Westros from the perspective of someone who does not have loyal blood. Dunk is one inch shy of being seven feet tall. He is not extremely bright, but he is one lovable character. This being written by GRRM, who kills off main characters without blinking, helps build the suspense. This story alone makes the purchase worth it. I also love the language.

The next two novellas are THE SWORN SWORD and THE MYSTERY KNIGHT. Though they are not as good as the first story, which would be hard to beat anyway, they are worth listening to. The main characters Dunk and Egg are characters you love and respect. Unlike most of GRRM's characters they have stayed good and not disappointed,by going to the dark side. No, grey areas, they are always true. These two stories by themselves I would give each four stars. The MYSTERY KNIGHT, did get a little muddied with all the house names and royalty names and I did get a little lost a times. Still good though.

At the end we get a promise from GRRM, that these stories are going to continue. Even though each story can be read on it's own, you get more out of them if you have read all of them and in order. So, to stay up with future stories, you will want to get these.

I thought the narrator was excellent, he did excellent voices. At times he did do some whispering, in which he really whispered. There were some sentences that I missed. I don't know if that was his mistake or the producers. I was listening over my big rig's radio. Might be different at home or in your car.


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4 out of 5 stars
By Jacobus on 10-15-15

A Don Quixote of sorts in the Seven Kingdoms

Meet the Don Quixote of Westeros, Ser Duncan the Tall! A man that believe in Valour! Honour! Courtesy! and Chivalry! In three excellent novellas George R.R. Martin introduces readers to a very different Westeros through the eyes of this recently made hedge knight, who seems not to be able to break from his upbringing in Flee Bottom, King's Landing. Ironically he has a bald 10 year old boy as a squire, that is in some ways a real Sancho Pancha. Egg, as he is called affectionately by his family, also comes from King's Landing, but not from Flee Bottom. Thus we as listeners are introduced to a very odd pair. A big oaf and a little clever guy, almost like Asterix and Obelix, but with the difference that "Obelix" is in charge and "Asterix" has to dutifully obey. No wonder the refrain "Dunk the lunk thick as a castle wall" echoes every now and again in the novellas!

Martin turns the expectations that you might have of a knight on its head, making these storye very likable.Yet I have one qualm with the book, it ends with a promise, by George R.R. Martin... that more might be coming. That is the problem with these stories, they are like an introduction to an adventure that is not yet completed. When will Dunk and Egg get to the Wall for instance?

In every sense, this book is a typical George R.R. Martin book. It contains three excellent stories, but you can help feeling that it is currently still unfinished. There might be more coming and you the listener has to.... wait!

Harry Lloyd narrated the three novellas very well. I am not so used to his accent and voice, but in the first novella it became easier to listen to him. By not using Roy Dotrice, it helps to get a different view on the seven kingdoms.

For Song of Ice and Fire fans, this is a definite listen. It is definately not a waste of a credit. If you don't want to start reading or listening through the whole Song of Ice and Fire series, maybe this is a good place to start. This book comes highly recommended for its entertainment value and for answering some of the "historical" questions of a Song of Ice and Fire.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Michael Naftel Jr on 10-28-16

masterfully done

just excellent....enjoyable from the first word word to the laust...Pray tell when the next one is to come forth...
fellow narrator Michael Naftel Jr

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