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5 out of 5 stars
By shelley on 02-19-15

Multiple story lines, fast easy read

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

Yes. This is a pretty good easy book to listen to. Fast paced with multiple concurrent stories.

What was one of the most memorable moments of Almost Dead?

In the beginning of the book you find out what happened to Jarred (I won't spoil this) but it left me wondering throughout the book how it would conclude.

What about Kate Rudd’s performance did you like?

Kate Rudd has read all of the Lizzy Gardner books and for me anyway she is her voice. I think she did a fine job.

Any additional comments?

I thought this was very good and suspenseful. I like that the pace was consistent through out the book. I think I liked the last book a little better but that might be because this one was a little sad at times. I think I can see where the author is going with the next story or possibly the one after and am curious to find out if I'm right. I think Lizzy is going to get involved with the detective she always seems to butt heads with but I guess I'll have to wait to find out. I also liked that Haley and Kitally's characters were developed even more and that they are developing their own story lines. Certainly worth the price! I recommend this one.

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1 out of 5 stars
By gracie on 04-23-15

Author giveths & takeths....has failed Lizzie.

I have enjoyed books 1-4 but found this one to be deplorable to Lizzie.

The entire series Ms. Ragan has had Jared help rebuild Lizzie's heart, soul..everything and then Ms. Ragan decides to take away?

For me this was a ignorant move for character writing.

I did not enjoy what has happened in this book. Quoting Lizzie "nobody alive knows me". I think a lot of the readers of the series thought they did based on the reviews throughout the series until this book. Apparently Ms. Ragan did not.

One plus is I always enjoy Katie Rudd's narration of Audible books and she had done an awesome job for this series.

I wish book 6 well as I won't be reading it or recommending.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Wayne on 10-15-15

There are a lot of murders in Sacramneto!

Theresa (T. R.) Ragan has a lot going on in this novel. Lizzy Gardner and her friends are busy dealing with a kidnapping, serial murders, issues with her ex-fiancee's family, and much more. It's just a typical part of Lizzy's life. Good book! Narration is excellent.

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3 out of 5 stars
By K. Mathis on 05-19-15

what a weird ending to the series...

disappointed I loved the storyline of the female serial killer but all that stuff going on with lizzy and Jared was a bit much. don't want to give story away but did not like the ending and how lizzy an Jared relationship ends

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5 out of 5 stars
By Paranormaly Yours on 05-14-16

A kick in the gut!

Lizzy Gardner is a private investigator in Sacramento, CA. She was supposed to be married right now to her high school sweetheart Special Agent Jared Shayne, but a psycho killer determined to kill Lizzy, shot Jared instead on their wedding day! Now Jared is lying in a hospital bed, deep in a coma for the past few months, and Lizzy is left with the task of making the most important and heart wrenching decision she will ever have to make in her life. With her friend Shelby missing, and a serial killer on the loose, will Lizzy be able to hold her self together long enough to stop a couple of madmen?

Almost Dead was a hard book for me to get through emotionally. I'm totally invested in the characters of this series already, and really felt bad for the bad luck that has befallen Lizzy. Finally, after many long years apart, she is reunited with Jared, and ready to have her happily ever after when fate strikes and takes it all away....again! When Lizzy was finally broke and let out a horrific scream/cry to the sky, I was right there with her. I just hope in the next book Lizzy comes out on top.

Shelby, a young high school girl that Lizzy has mentored, is missing. A young chemist snaps and goes on a war path of revenge, an old enemy comes back from the past to seek revenge on Lizzy, pure bred dogs are being dog napped, and a shady character is trying to defraud an insurance company. These are the cases the Lizzy Gardner Team are working hard on during this story. Haley and Katalie are proving themselves to be really good at the private investigation business, while Jessica is off training to become an FBI agent. The deep dark secrets these women hold, and are forced to face is very intense, not to mention the scum they deal with as well. Although the crimes are heinous, and the stories could be plucked right out of my newspaper, I love the shit out of this series! It's so real, gritty, deep, and will emotionally scar you! That rush of adrenaline during a chase, or the tears of joy or loss is what keeps me coming back for more like a junkie on crack!

Narrator Review
Kate Rudd is the narrator for this book, and all previous books in the series. My earlier assessment of Kate was that she was OK, sort of meh, but now I would have to say she is perfect for the part! Knowing the characters better now gives me more clear insight as to how they would sound, or react, and Kate feels right for them. Her fast talking and quick wit from Katalie is spot on for that character, as well as Haley's slower more indifferent tone fits like a glove. I wish more narrators would take the time to try and capture the essence of the characters they read for, it's make all the difference in the world!

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2 out of 5 stars
By Betty on 06-18-15

Really disappointed

I loved the first couple books in this series but this one didn't seem to fit. I struggled to finish it. It didn't seem well written or narrated. I'm just glad it's over.

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