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4 out of 5 stars
By Jennifer on 05-26-15

On a magic carpet ride

The Water Diviner was indeed a magical ride back and forth into our historical past and the present.

The story sees our main character, Joshua Connor, a grieving father/farmer/water diviner from the Mallee in Victoria, who leaves everything he knows and sets out to fulfil his wife's dying wish and travels to Gallipoli to recover the bodies of his adored 3 sons and bury them in consecrated ground.

The iconic Aussie, Jack Thompson utilises his award winning acting talents to take you on this incredibly moving, yet uplifting journey together with Joshua, showing us inside the man and experiencing the raw pain of a heartbroken father/husband who has lost everything he thought was his to own.

With nothing to lose, he leaves the world he has always known and is thrust into an alien unknown new world, fuelled by a blinding mission to find his sons bodies among the 1000's lost at the Gallipoli landing. He meets some wonderfully colourful characters who scratch at the hard exterior of the broken man and who, through persistence, kindness, decency and honour aide him in his quest and eventually break through his reserve and befriend him. It is a very different Joshua Connor that emerges at the end of this story.

It is a tale of great sadness but also one of hope and joy as the author shows us that life is both transient but nevertheless precious to those that hold us dear.

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5 out of 5 stars
By janita on 05-23-15

Such a beautiful story

i so loved hearing The Water Diviner story narrated by Jack Thompson's rich and authentic voice. This is a beautiful story - it's incredibly sad, some chapters I wondered how the human spirit could bear such agony. However the story of Joshua Connor is one of the most courageous I will ever read about.

This is a story that you'll need to take time out for - get into a nice comfy chair or a nice 8 hour drive for me - you'll be transported to rugged Victoria Australia, then onto faraway Gallipoli - it's an amazing, incredible and emotional tale. I loved it.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Adam on 02-22-16

Rich words and spoken by a gifted orator.

I had already watched the movie but when I saw this was read by Jack Thompson then I new the
Performance would be divine Australian in the
The also story came back life for me by the rich works and amazing command of the English language written unlike any book I know.
Thank you to all those who made this possible!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Gabrielle on 02-13-16

How can I ever find another book of this caliber again!

I recently watched The Water Diviner and was so moved by the movie I went in search of the book. As a busy mum I chose the audiobook and I have been so captivated by every word I've taken to wearing head phones around the house as I hang the washing and weed my garden!
The fact that an Aussie legend reads (Jack) adds to the alluring flavour (mind you I was picturing Russell and the actors from his movie as I listened!). I recommend this treasure to everyone!! It's that good!
It paints both countries with a eloquent, realistic, deep and enthralling brush strokes. It made me both proud to be an Australian and eager to learn more about the Istanbul side of the story. I've never thought of the losses of anywhere else, in school we only ever learnt about our ANZAC's so I'm grateful for this reason to have experienced this masterpiece of literature.
I loved it and I sit here now both fulfilled yet devastated that it ended.
Thank you.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Elizabeth McMahon on 04-07-17

Loved the book The Water Diviner

I really enjoyed this story.
It seemed quite believable.
Jack Thompson is very easy to listen to and made the characters come alive.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Darren lock on 11-07-16


Thank you magnificent uplifting thouhtful a must read/listern by people of all ages everywhere outstanding

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