The Lives of Chang and Eng

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2 out of 5 stars
By Joy on 02-07-15

Boring boring

This was not at all interesting. Subject matter should have been interesting but it wasn't!

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1 out of 5 stars
By Catherine on 01-15-15

Gave it a good try but didn't like it

Tried listening to this book and gave it a good try but just found 1) the narrator was just not someone I was comfortable listening to and 2) found that yes the author did a lot of research but sensed that most of the content strayed too far off into unnecessary tangents. Overall too much stuffing not enough meat on the bones as a historical biography for my liking.

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1 out of 5 stars
By David on 01-05-18

Terrible Author, Horrible Narrator

Would you try another book from Joseph Andrew Orser and/or Stephen Hoye?

The writer is all over the place with this book. It is more a disorganized stream of consciousness than a biography.

The prologue is intended as a quick overview of the book, but less than 2 minutes in the writer is going on and on and on about how they were seen as monsters and aberrations.

Chapter 1 is the youth and discovery of the twins, but is more a recap of the prologue than any real new information.

Chapter 2 is about them striking out on their own but gets more into the people who managed them and is completely out of order. In 1836 X happens and then in 1829 Y happened and then in 1837 this happened, and in 1869 this happened and in 1833 this happened. Absolutely no chronological order, and the topics discussed are not even do so via a different focus to allow the jumping around to make sense. Instead it is as if the author was just writing down facts as he could remember them. How any editor would allow this to pass amazed me.

There are entire chapters where the author says less than 5 sentences about the lives of the actual twins and instead quotes friends, business acquaintances, new papers, other books, and discusses other things going on in the US. It is honestly like he forgot he was writing a biography or rather had maybe 2 paragraphs of content and decided to fill the rest of the book with random stuff.

I think there are more sentences that refer to the twins as monstrous than sentences that contain facts about the twins.

It would be more aptly titled "A Stream of Consciousness on Discrimination due to race and disability in the 1800s" than actually name anyone.

What could Joseph Andrew Orser have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

Have some sort of outline and stick to it. Have and provide more information about the Twins lives, get an editor. Stop making the same claim over and over (that they were seen as monsters). Provide historical, factual, live histories and not a random loosely slung together stream of thought

How did the narrator detract from the book?

His pace and tone. The inflection he used to read the book was unnatural and completely distracting. He uses the same rise and fall of his voice in every sentence and its not a normal flow. It sounded more like a machine reading than a human, or if it was a human one that never read out loud before.

What character would you cut from The Lives of Chang and Eng?

The writer and narrator

Any additional comments?

Horrible experience

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