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By M. Paddon on 11-20-14

Worst book of the series in my opinion.

Would you try another book written by Rhiannon Frater or narrated by Kristin Allison?

Yes, she does have some reasonable books. As for the narrator. This book was narrated by Angela Starling, or was in my version despite what the blurb says. And she was way better than the narrator for the first two who could not read narrative to save her life. Allison reads to fast and monotone for narrative. Heck pretty when she dies is a longer book (in text) than this one but is 2h40m shorter than this one in audio, and all down to over fast reading that left no texture of light and shade to the narrative. This one was better.

What will your next listen be?

No plans at this moment.

Which scene did you most enjoy?

I honestly can't think of one scene that leaps out at me that I can say I loved. And I did think about it for a few minutes before answering this question.

If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Pretty When She Destroys?

I would hack up most of her romance drivel. I'm not sure what readers will like the romance in the books. Maybe some will, but for me I found it adolescent at best and vomit inducing at worst, and I've said this about other books of hers too. This one is the worst. Too many repeated cliché lines that are spouted by every couple In the book. How many times do we really need to hear every couple say they feel more love for the person every time they look in their eyes? For me the romance played too much of a part in the book but at the same time lacked any really believable substance at the same time.

I don't mind romance in a horror book, or vice versa, but when you lay it on with a spade using similar sentences over and over it makes me want to reach for a bucket.

Any additional comments?

The reason I really hammered the book in star rating was the plot. I found it stupid and unlikely. They want to turn the world to eternal night. This would kill all plants, then animals, then all humans and then finally all vampires etc. There is ONE paragraph two thirds the way through the book trying to explain this that the vampires will create crops using grow lights and will get their scientists to produce new foods. Just nonsense, or at least way too highly glossed over when this is the main plot.

Side plot of the serial killer was about the most transparent plotline I've ever seen. They could easy have tracked the person they suspected by using a ghost but don't because that would after all ruin a transparent plot that you want to string out.

In this book they use wards on their houses to help keep the "bad guys" out, but these wards look like a dome over the house to any one with supernatural abilities. So if you think a shield like over Hogwarts in the last film you get the picture. I mean if they use this it would be like putting up a neon sign saying, "Hey guys, this is where we are hiding". No thought at all on this by the author. Easy to have a trigger line to pop up the barrier or other method that did have it up all the time giving their position away to anyone looking for them.

At one point Jeff fires one shot and kills a demon, and then in next sentence he has to reload. Must be a new pistol with bad capacity I guess.

Book is full of flaws like this, or badly thought out plot ideas. It's like she thinks up an idea and then doesn't give it more though to its failings.

Overall not the very worst book I've read, but it is the worst of hers that I've read by far.

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