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5 out of 5 stars
By AudioBook Reviewer on 05-24-16

I eagerly jump to hear Ashley Fontainne’s books

There aren’t many eccentric twenty-two olds, but Karmen Moncrille would fit into that category easily.  Living a dream, Karmen was famous for having written numerous best sellers beginning at the age of sixteen.  Every book she has written was made into a movie, everything she wrote was eagerly sought out by her adoring fans.  Karmen didn’t do public interviews because she had a secret!  She wasn’t too keen on people learning her secret and announcing her insane so with her mother as her agent and her uncle as her publisher and mentor, Karmen kept to herself.

Mysterious and reclusive, Karmen hid behind her anxiety and fears until circumstances force an interview.  The interview goes awry sending her into a deeper reclusive funk until her best friend saves her and they go back to their hometown in Kentucky on vacation.

Once there, Karmen’s world spins out of control.  Hallucinations, voices, dead people and visions have her scrambling to regain her mind.  Nothing is as it seems.  Betrayal after betrayal comes to light leaving Karmen stunned.

It is up to Karmen and her new friend to save her sanity and reveal the lies.  Will the truth set her and mankind free?  Will the forces destroy her first?  Karmen is in for the fight of a lifetime.

I eagerly jump to hear Ashley Fontainne’s books. Fontainne skillfully builds her story capitalizing on those “aha” moments or those that leave the reader sitting in stunned in silence.  She maneuvers the readers into connecting with the characters and then artfully pulls the rug out from under the reader.  Her plots are well written and executed perfectly with awesome twists and turns.

Her main characters are all strong, both intellectually and physically.  They are vividly written and come alive.  Ashley Fontainne is a commanding and diverse writer in multiple genres.

Andrea Emmes is the narrator and gives a masterful performance.  She slips on Karmen easily and moves between characters and their accents deftly.  Her ability to project emotions of the characters is polished and smooth.  Emmes does an excellent reading as a female and male.  Her tones are rich and appropriate given the gender.  She speaks clearly, leaving no room for misunderstanding; she is clear and concise.  She is able to invoke the correct emotion from the readers involving them even more deeply into the story line.

There were no issues with production.  Everything was clear and pleasant.

Audiobook was provided for review by the author.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Natalie @ ABookLoversLife on 03-05-15

A tense and thrilling read.

Any additional comments?

I'd never heard of this prior to seeing it on Facebook, but I immediately liked the sound of it. I mean it's about a writer who gets her books through ghosts!! Sounds great right, well it was.

Karmen was 16 when she wrote her first book, which became an instant bestseller, and every book after that was a hit. She has more money than she knows what to do with but her life isn't all roses. She has a secret that she has never shared with anyone and that secret may just ruin her life. See Karmen sees Ghosts, specifically ghosts of dead writers who whisper to her. When she was 16 she woke up one morning to a full book written, with no recollection to haven written it. All her books are like that and she knows that if anyone finds out, her life will be ruined.She became a virtual hermit and only talks to her mother, her uncle and her best friend.

For her 23rd birthday, Karmen decides that she needs a break. She goes back to the little town she grew up in. She stays at the cabin with her best friends but her life is just about to take a turn for the worst. When her nightmares start invading the day, and her friends life, Karmen doesn't know what to do. She is terrified! With the help of her mother, best friend and ex boyfriend. Karmen must translate the latest thing she wrote, because it wasn't a book this time but a page in a foreign language, and try to figure out why this is happening to her. Why does she have this "gift" and what is it for?

I don't want to say much else about the plot because I could inadvertently ruin it so I'll get on with the review.

I was pretty much blown away with how much I loved this book. I wasn't sure what to expect because I knew it had a christian theme to it and while I'm not a fan of some of them, I have read a few I've enjoyed. I'm not a fan of the ones that preach religion and try to force it on you but this isn't one of those. This starts off with an occult ritual and sacrifice and from there it's pretty dark. For anyone worried that they won't enjoy it because it's a christian book, don't fear, you will love this!!

Plot wise, I absolutely loved it! The twist at the end was phenomenal and not one I saw coming at all. Through the whole book you are in constant suspense and intrigue because you can't see where it is going. The author sure knows how to tell one heck of a story. It's chock full of twists and turns and will keep you guessing till the end.

I loved Karmen. She has a big weight on her shoulders and at times it feels like the lie she is living will cripple her, but she stays strong. She battles internally with the way her books come to her, she doesn't like making so much money from a lie but she has no way to stop it and her mother makes her publish the books. She doesn't have much of a life and relies on her mother and BFF. My heart absolutely broke for her at one stage during the book (not going to say when because it's a major spoiler but for anyone who has read it will know what I'm talking about) but I admired her spirit and strength of character for getting back up and fighting.

Anyway. The Lie was a tense and thrilling read and one that will have you turning the pages as fast as you can to see what happens. I loved everything about it and applaud Ashley Fontainne for her ability to keep me guessing. Usually when I'm reading a book I can guess the "who done it" but not so here, and that's because of the authors amazing story telling. It's such a unique and captivating tale and one I can't recommend enough.

I listened to the audio and loved it. Andrea Emmes did an amazing job of bringing Karmen to life. She made you feel the tension and terror and brought you into the story. Her emotional telling of the story made me want to listen to it in one sitting. I'd highly recommend the audio!!

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4 out of 5 stars
By Greg on 11-11-14

Decent Story that fell a bit apart at the end.

LIGHT SPOILERS WARNING!!! Overall I enjoyed this book. I thought the Narrator did a great job and can't think of how anyone could really do better. The voices were different enough that I could tell which character was which based on the voice. Overall I like the story, I thought it was interesting and started off very good. Took a while to ramp up to the main climax but none the less was very good. I enjoyed the mysterious "ghost" like people showing up, and the scene in the market was great. But there wasn't enough of the ghost encounter moments and the ending was far too predictable, nor did it make (without revealing any spoilers) much sense to me. I felt like they could have had a more solid and original ending. Because of the prolog I was able to see the ending coming after the characters were introduced. I wish they had kept the prolog for near the end as a flashback instead. Overall though the story was interesting, the narrator was great, and enjoyed the story. I look forward to seeing what else this author has to put out. One thing that did bother me is the fact that the main character was so weak and whiny, it started to get on my nerves by the end. I wanted to shout, stop whining and just do what you go to do, be brave. This is third book I have heard or read recently that was by a female author with a whiny and weak female protagonist, why not have a strong and brave central character? There are plenty horror movie or fictional female characters that are strong and bad ass.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Racquel on 09-17-14

One of the Most AMAZING Books I've listened too

Any additional comments?

The twists and turns of this plot had me listening way past my bedtime. I loved how all of the pieces fell into place and kept my attention to the end. Suspense and intrigue awaits listeners. This book wont disappoint. Looking forward to other audios from this gifted author

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4 out of 5 stars
By med c on 09-12-14

The Lie

Any additional comments?

Another excellent audiobook by Ashley Fontaine. She has done it again. It has a great twist that I didn't see coming..The narrator did a great job making the characters come to life in my mind..Very enjoyable.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Pam C on 12-23-16

We all know someone that is living a lie...

Could you imagine living your entire life believing you are one person, only to find out that you are actually someone else?? The Lie brings the story of one young lady that has just found out that who she was raised to be and what she believed her life was about is exactly that...a lie. The main character is an author who believed that she was getting her stories from 'ghosts from the past', such as Shakespeare, while sleeping. But, that wasn't the case. Instead, the stories were being fed to her just need to read the story to find out. Question is, can she over come past AND her present in order for her to have a future???
Andrea Emmes is a fantastic narrator. She brings the story to a level of intenseness, shows us some fun humor and, yes, even terror is heard in the voice of the characters. I have enjoyed all of the books she has narrated and recommend the book, the author and the narrator!

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