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5 out of 5 stars
By Kindle Customer on 02-14-13

The beginning of the Alpha and Omega

This short story take place just prior to Cry Wolf and I think is so important to the story line. I'm so thrilled that this is now collected and in place in my iPod playlist and narrated by (**big sigh**) Holter Graham. The story and narration are excellent. It doesn't matter that it's not long - you only wish it was longer - but wait it is - it just slides right into Cry Wolf after all. If you are a fan of Patty Briggs and love the off shoot of the Mercy Thompson series about Anna and Charles, this is a MUST buy.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Patti on 02-05-13

Finally the novella at audible

I read this wonderful story by Patricia Briggs in the On the Prowl anthology years ago. I've rarely had a short story get me so involved and invested in the characters as I was with this one. Even though I've never used my monthly credit on something as short as this, I pre-ordered it when I saw it was going to be available and read by Holter Graham. As always he does a wonderful job and I enjoyed the story just as much the second time around. This is a romantic story but still seems more of an Urban Fantasy than a Paranormal Romance to me. If your looking lots of sex this isn't for you. If you want an very interesting and charming story about the first meeting of a pair of werewolves with some background on the workings and rules of a pack or if you've listened to the other books in the series and want to know how it all began, you should enjoy it. But be prepared to want more of Anna and Charles when you've finished. I'm re-downloading the first novel in the series for a second listen as I write this review .

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4 out of 5 stars
By Cyndi on 01-14-18

✫✫ 4.5 Stars ✫✫

I love the story of how Charles and Anna met so when my book club picked Cry Wolf as our next discussion I knew I had to start at the beginning! Even though this book is very short, I think it is very important to the story. We learn so much about how the packs are ran and about this world in general just from this story. Anna and Charles are my favorite characters in the whole "Mercy World" and I think part of that is because of this novella. Learning about Anna's past and about even a little about Charles helps to build these characters so much that watching them grow in the series is great.

Holter Graham is perfect for this series! I love the slow soft almost uninterested tone he gives to Bran and Charles!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Kindle Customer on 12-15-13

Great addition to the story

I read this story the first time back in 2009. I realized that "Alpha and Omega: A Novella from On the Prowl" was a new adventure for the story of "Alpha and Omega." Listening to the new novella tempted me to start this series all over again. Sooooo, I am now doing the happy dance because this series makes me happy.
The H and H are strong and good. The adventures are amazing, the action scenes are exciting and the entire story is compelling! PB pulls you into a wonderful world. I am not reviewing the actually book as much as just expressing how pleasing it is to start this series over again. Well I guess it is kind of a review if you realize that I spent money to purchase the books and I am now willing to purchase the audible versions of those same books.
So I am posting this to all of the books in the series, because I will be listening to them for this Christmas season! :)
Yes. This series is worth all of your credits LOL

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5 out of 5 stars
By Joanna Dominick on 09-17-17

Price too high

I thinki it's WAY over priced for just being a Novella, but I had the rest of the series so I got it?? Still too much, though

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2 out of 5 stars
By Christen Quintero on 08-02-17

Not happy

This novella cost something like $20 for 2 hrs and 25 mins but reviews mentioned that it was important for background information before Cry Wolf so with difficulty I used a credit for it... THERE IS NOTHING NEW IN THIS THAT WASN'T ALREADY TOLD IN CRY WOLF. So, why did I just have to pay a credit (or spend $20!!) on something contained in the first book???

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