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4 out of 5 stars
By Darwin8u on 08-26-13

The Lion of the Lord says "Mind Your Own Business"

This is one of those biographies that should be read regardless of your interest in the subject. IT is important not just because of what it can teach you about Brigham Young, Mormons, the American West of the late 1900s, etc, but because of what it can teach the careful reader about how history is done. This book is history done by a craftsman who is fascinated by his subject, but also devoted to his craft.

Turner, a non-Mormon historian, is able to craft a compelling narrative of Brigham Young that avoids the hagiographic and almost propagandist tendencies of those biographies pushed out by some faithful LDS biographers. It also avoids, however, giving too much weight to aspects of Young's character and life that while in the 21st century seem bigoted and narrow (his view towards blacks and women) were actually quite common among most protestant males in America from the Jacksonian era through Reconstruction. 'Pioneer Prophet' avoids focusing too much attention on aspects of Young's life that are easily exploited for their titillation factor, but Turner doesn't avoid them. He places polygamy, Mountain Meadows Massacre, the Mormon Reformation, the Utah War, etc., all in the proper framework -- one which helps the reader to understand Brigham Young as a man and a prophet, but NOT as a caricature or a saint.

My only criticism or gripe about this audiobook is the narrator. While both Mormon culture and Utah's geography pose unique challenges to the casual reader with their funky names, part of a narrator's job is to research the pronunciation of a book's unique names. Town names like: Weber (/ˈwēːbər/ WE..Burr), Ephraim (/ˈiːfriːəm/ hard E), Manti (/ˈmantī/ hard I) were all mispronounced, as was the Book of Mormon name Moroni (/mō-rō'nī/ hard I). These are issues that could have been avoided by simply calling anyone in Utah with an area code of 435.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer on 01-13-13

This is the very best general biography of Brigham

If you could sum up Brigham Young in three words, what would they be?


Would you listen to another book narrated by Stephen Hoye?

The narration was competant, but the reader consistently mispronounced names, concepts, and place names that could have been avoided with a little research, or an inquiry.

Any additional comments?

This is the most thorough, balanced and carfully constructed biography of Brigham Young available. There are Mormon sources that are quite good, but fatally flawed by underlying bias. This avoided insider and outsider bias. The source material is considerably superior to any other popular treatment. There isn't even a close second. The narrator did mispronounce many names and place names. That is really innexcusable and I blame the producers for this, as much as the narrator. This could have been easily avoided. Still, this was a great listen and well worth consideration. Brigham Young was a remarkable figure and the history of this period is fascinating.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Linda Leeper on 04-02-16

Lion of the Lord examined

The narrator Steven Hoye has a fine voice however he mispronounced many Utah words including Moroni, Manti , Weber, Sevier, Ephraim and Timpanogos. Any Utahn could have told them the correct pronunciation for all those words.
Too bad the reader and his producers didn't do a little more research.
I am a Mormon with Pioneer Heritage and have listened to the accounts of Brigham Young's history from bias perspectives for many years. This was nice to be able to have a fairly unbiased opinion about Brigham Young and the great contribution he gave to the settling of the West.
Turner helped me to understand Young as a man not just as a prophet . I'm glad he also covered polygamy ,Mountain Meadows Massacre, the Utah War and the Mormon reformation, putting them all in perspective and giving as many unbiased details as possible.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Gale on 10-02-14

Review from a regular Mormon

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

I'm a Mormon and I read Mormon history more than the average member, but I'm by no means a big Church history buff. I'm aware/open to both sides of different historical issues, and I usually give Mormon apologists and critics an opportunity to weigh in when there is a debate. When I purchased this book I was not expecting faith promoting propaganda about Brigham Young and I wasn't expecting an anti Mormon treatment either. To me the author succeeded in presenting a historical biography of Young and I learned new things. It also caused me to go out and do a little more research on my own. About half way through, I got online and read a few reviews. I wanted to know what Mormon and non Mormon critics thought about the book. There was one by Craig Foster published in the Mormon Interpreter called New Light & Old Shadows, that I thought was quite helpful. Craig wondered whether Turner "actually liked Brigham Young." He then quoted British poet Carol Rumens, “The ideal biographer must admire his subject but remain clear-eyed.”. I must concur, that I wasn't sure Turner had much admiration for Young. The book itself reads a bit like a historical laundry list at times, but it does expose the reader to a large amount of all things Young. Overall, I'd recommend the book to readers who are already or who would like to be more mature about Mormon history and who are willing to incorporate additional study into the profile painted of Brigham Young. The narrator was very good. He reminded me a bit of Bruce Lindsey.

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5 out of 5 stars
By CBlox on 02-11-13

The foremost biography on Brigham Young!

Ive read many books on BY and most are either subjective or slanted for or against the mormon church. This book delivers the good/bad of an important man in american history without an angle. Turner researched his subject more extensively than any other author of a religious leader since Bushman. This Bio is on par with Rough Stone Rolling and i believe it will be the formeost biography on Young

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3 out of 5 stars
By Steve on 08-05-13

Not easy listening.

Would you be willing to try another one of Stephen Hoye’s performances?

Personally I found listening to Stephen's delivery extremely difficult. That said, the book itself is very informative and worth buying in print form if not audio.

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