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By L. N. on 10-10-12

At last - The Definitive Recording!

There are a number of Lord of the Rings recordings out there, including a superb dramatization by the BBC. But there is only ONE set of unabridged recordings of the trilogy -- from Recorded Books and read by Rob Inglis. For many years, I've treasured the set of these recordings I have on compact disc. But never before now have I been able to find them for audio download -- until now!!! Words cannot express how thrilled I am to listen to the Lord of the Rings on my iPod (and on my Kindle too!) Audible members who have never yet heard the saga read in its entirety, you are in for a very special treat indeed! In a whole new way will you enjoy the story you've read years ago and have seen transformed into the motion pictures. It'll be almost as if you're experiencing the story for the very first time.

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By Orson on 11-05-12

Greatest Book, with the finest reading

What made the experience of listening to The Fellowship of the Ring the most enjoyable?

The audiobook doesn't let you skip or skim the songs (or the whole Tom Bombadil section); the result is that you experience the book as Tolkien intended it.

What does Rob Inglis bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

Rob Inglis's reading is superb on general principles - he distinguishes characters well and interprets them beautifully. But the best surprise is the authenticity and quality of his rendering of Tolkien's many songs. Heroic when that's appropriate; funny or moving or spiritual by turns, this is an effect you can't produce for yourself in a silent reading. (And Tolkien heard and authorized some of Inglis's tunes.)

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By Boyd Tschaggeny on 01-26-17

Will the poems and songs ever end?! Please, end!

Middle Earth is a fantastic world to get lost in and I loved all the time spent with world-building. What I didn't like is how longwinded the poems are. You have forgotten you are listening to the book, you've become one of the fellowship, then suddenly you realize that Gandolf has been reciting the same sonnet for, what feels like, the last million years. Tolkien must have been a talker because most of his characters can't shut up. It's a wonder that Sauron needed spies because the Fellowship is LOUD!

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By Rob on 02-26-13

Epic Fantasy's Heritage

I should start off by saying I am a huge fan of epic fantasy. The longer, and more epic, the better. And I believe The Lord of the Rings really gave birth to the genre.

If you are a fan of any fantasy genre, you should read or listen to these books. I hadn't until they were recently released on Audible, and must say I have mixed feelings. It was quite interesting to see some proto-forms of tools modern authors employ frequently, and this gives me better insight into how the modern authors work.

The story, to me, was a bit boring and too full of songs. The narrator does an excellent job singing the songs and reciting the poetry, and overall does a quite good job with the books.

I am glad the series is finally available on Audible so we can see where it all started with ease. I think anybody who enjoys Fantasy Novels should listen to The Lord of the Rings books - just don't expect them to blow you away.

Worth the credits? Absolutely. Worth the time? Probably. Best books ever? Unfortunately, no.

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By Kindle Customer on 10-17-12

A Classic Done Right

This book marks the beginning of Frodo the Hobbit's quest to resolve the question of the Ring of Power which hangs over the fate of Middle Earth like a menacing cloud. I read this book over 40 years ago and it has headed up (together with the others in the trilogy) my list of books to be stranded on a desert island with ever since.

Although the fantasy genre predates The Lord of the Rings, it is no exaggeration to say that Tolkien's books inspired the tsunami of fantasy fiction which is with us even today. More than once, I have read some particularly dreadful specimen of the same and thought to myself that J.R.R. Tolkien has a lot to answer for (tongue-in-cheek) but his genius speaks for itself and is recognized today. When I was in college, stating that The Lord of the Rings was a great work of fiction elicited (from my English professors) stares of incomprehension from some and mild contempt from others. As Norman Cantor has remarked, however, it is the reading public that determines whether a work is great or not and by that standard The Lord of the Rings is now a classic.

Rob Inglis is able to do the series full justice. Not only is he a superb narrator, but he can sing which is important in a work with such an emphasis on songs and music (not always the case.. sometimes I've cringed in sympathetic embarrassment as a narrator, competent in other respects, attempted to sing or chant his/her way through a song with dismal results).

In short, you can't go wrong with this series, particularly if you like stories about quests or knightly adventures. There's very little in the way of boy-girl romance however and no sex so readers who like plenty of that in their fiction may want to look elsewhere.

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By Jodie on 02-11-13

Not enjoying the narrator

What did you love best about The Fellowship of the Ring?

I love this story for it's timelessness, and I love seeing how other stories across the decades have been inspired by it.

Would you be willing to try another one of Rob Inglis’s performances?

No. While I felt he was a good fit for the story, I still found him incredibly boring.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

No, much like the Fellowships journey, I wanted it to go on and just savor it.

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