741hz Solfeggio Meditation

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5 out of 5 stars
By Miranda on 05-17-12

Exquisite, deeply relaxing and nurturing

As a qualified and practicing hypnotherapist, I'm often on the lookout for effective self-hypnosis tracks to enjoy for myself, and recommend to clients. I've utilised some of Glenn Harrold's previous cds and certainly found them useful though not particularly remarkable (for me). This one, however, like the others in this 'Solfeggio series' is a step above and beyond. The combination of music, song and imagery is skillfully and thoughtfully done, and is an utter treat to body, mind, emotions and soul. Following the journey, and entering into the spirit of it has left me with an exquisite - I use the word deliberately because it's so apt - sense of peace and quiet joy.

Perhaps, it may not be for the purely pragmatic (though I do encourage anyone to use it - you can always determine your own version of what your 'higher self' is). Listen to the sample, and if Glenn's voice 'works' for you, I'd recommend giving it a (frequent) go.

For me, the combination resonated perfectly. Add to that the sense that the author has a good and caring heart, and it truly is a delightful experience. Only time will tell if it is truly effective in the areas it focusses on, but half the challenge is finding something you want to use regularly.

This is one I'll be listening to often.
Thank you, Glenn Harrold.

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4 out of 5 stars
By dan on 10-14-12

very well produced guided meditation

I purchased this and the same author's "Chakra Meditation" and have to say i have got a lot out of them. The production of this one is very professional, and once again, given the category, not too 'new agey'. Of the two i probably have got more from the Chakra Meditation and I think that has more longevity. I had never heard of 'solfeggio' and have no idea if it is purely placebo or not, but i must say the music is very soothing and suits the tone well.

All in all, excellent production and well executed. If you like these kind of products then i'd imagine you'd do well to find much better than this.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Safron Thomas on 07-01-16

Deepest sleep - feeling energised

I am a big fan of Glen Harrold, his delivery and technique is impeccable. The soundscapes in the solfeggio serious are beautiful. Feeling the benefits after just one listen.

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