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By Judy on 09-23-11

What happens if you get scared half to death twice

I love this author, and man oh man, did she ever select the right narrator! (At least, one would hope that its the author who has some say in who narrates her hard work.) Lorelei King is completely awesome in her role as Charlie Davidson, and brings such life (pardon the pun, as Charlie is the Grim Reaper) to the story that it literally makes you laugh out loud. (Really, you have no choice -- you MUST laugh out loud!) :) Keep 'em coming, Darynda and Lorelei!

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By Liz on 02-17-13

This May Not Be the Series for Me

I have really mixed feelings about this series. There are aspects to it that I like (the mysteries, some of the humor, Charley's interactions with the secondary characters) and some I don't (some of the humor, Reyes) and I don't know if I care about it enough to continue. Before I started it, I would have said I loved snarky characters, but after reading this, I'm rethinking that. It did have some laugh out loud moments, but mostly it was a "heh" not a true lol and there were a lot of parts where I thought the author was trying too hard to be funny; it didn't feel natural. I also don't like Reyes. He's a jerk and a bit too creepy/stalkery for my taste.
I feel like I'm missing something because everyone else I know who is reading it loves it.

The narration is great. Lorelei King does a great job with the different character voices.

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By Connie G on 08-20-11

LOVE LOVE LOVE these books!

Charley Davidson is a fun character and is so well written. The storylines in this book are great and surprising. I can't wait for the third book. The narrator is one of my favorites.
You can not beat a great story AND a great narrator!

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By Patrice on 01-31-14

She had me till the end

Any additional comments?

OMG!! I so wanted to vent about the ending. That was crazy. Did it occur to her he might have other magic stuff to do other than saving her sorry ass every 5 min. I'm totally OFFF this series. And her snarkiness is almost always borderline inappropriate and smacks of an immature selfcentered mind. Like a desperate "look how clever I am" cry for attention. i.e. people are dead or missing and she is cracking jokes in front of friends or family of said missing or dead people. Its not adorable or funny. Its stupid, tacky asshattery. Nevertheless I enjoyed the mundane mystery more than the supernatural stuff, which just seemed sideline and nonsensical. Her dad got forgiven way to easily. Her sister came around way too quickly, that should have played out over the next couple of books. Her actions at the end are unforgivable. I can't see how she comes back from that. However she does it, I wont be listening or reading.

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By Anne-Marie on 11-20-11

Sanity is back-ordered.

Where am I going? And why am I in a handbasket? -bumper sticker

Charley is attracting more than lusty looks and spectral strays these days. Oblivious to the warning signs from her aptly named trusty sidekick, Danger. NOT Will Robinson (the hypocrite). Charley Davidson just can't seem to steer clear of Harms Way, one block south from cruising down Suicide Street, in Darynda Jones' Second Grave on the Left.

Death is NOT a Morning Person -teeshirt

You know your day is going to suck when your wake up call comes a mere two hours after it's predecessor in the form of the neighboring Cookie monster and her shank-shape nails attached to ninja fingers poking and probing while being pelted with random articles of clothing, and being held down with binding bedsheets, the torturous nightmare just won't end. Death is desperately fighting not to go into the bright light. That the Cookie monster evilly switched on. Days like this must make being the living embodiment of the punchline to a "Why did the chicken cross the road" joke suck.

Carpe Caffe -teeshirt

Turns out Cookie's friend Mimi is missing. Dressed to the nines in hobo gear, Char and Cook set out to a local coffee shop to meet Ms. MIA. Surprisingly missing Mimi is no where to be found. But have no fear Grim Reaper extraordinaire and super sleuthing PI Charley is on the case. Unfortunately, the deeper they delve into the Mimi's life the more death they uncover, and it's looking like Mim's on someone's hit list. Charley is dead by association.

If you drink, don't park. Accidents cause people. -bumper sticker

Mysteries are mounting, and multiplying like rabbits. Like, Who is that dead guy in the trunk?, Why is Charley's dad acting so strange?, and Where in the world is Reyes Farrow's body? Yes, things aren't so heavenly for Hellboy and Grim girl. It's your classic emo love story, boy wants to kill his corporeal body, girl is holding out on boy until he changes his mind. Farrow has hidden his body which is under siege by demons and is slowly slipping away, but it's a trap he won't let Charley spring otherwise Satan's minions could capture their one way ticket to heaven. How far will he go to insure Charley doesn't fall into the wrong hands? To what lengths will Charley go to save Reyes' body? Can their tentative relationship survive the consequences?

Careful or you'll end up in my Novel -teeshirt

Darynda Jones' followup to First Grave on the Right is just as fun, witty, and hard to put down. Charley is a wonderful heroine. I just want to live in her head. Jones' finds a way to make Charley's outrageous thought process sound clever and funny while coming across real and charming. The threads were pulled in so many different directions but the story didn't feel bogged down by too much information, or too many things going on. There were some unexpected twists but everything came together in the end with a nice lead in to the next book.

Team Awesome. -teeshirt

There is a magic that is created when you pair up the right words with an amazingly talented narrator. Lorelei King is hands down one of the best vocalist in the audiobook industry. I purposely pined for and solely bought the sound version because the imaginary voice in my head can't match King's performance. She could win an oscar for her portrayal of Charley. I highly recommend the audiobook, it even had extra features you don't normally get in this format. After the book ended there was an interview with Jones conducted by King and the first chapter of Third Grave Dead Ahead.

Chicken Pot Pie My THREE Favorite Things. -teeshirt

Second Grave on the Left is a solid four on my favorite things list. I have fallen hard for the adventures of the spunky Port-A-Portal. This is a great book with lots of fun and laughs, that you have to read just to meet Danger and Will Robinson's newly named friends. If you liked the First Grave on the Right check out the one on the left!

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By Kristine on 08-20-11

Gimme More!!

Darynda Jones knows how to please!! Her characters are fantastic and the narrator sublime as per usual with Ms. King!! I am dying for the next installment!!

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