The Risk of Darkness

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5 out of 5 stars
By Janet H. Maddox on 10-09-13

Love this Series

I love this series with its many interesting characters. This may not be the best book in the series on its own, but it carries the story of Simon forward in new and interesting directions. I highly recommend that you start with the first in the series and continue. Delightful hours of listening.

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5 out of 5 stars
By PlantCrone on 11-10-14

Steven Pacey-A most excellent UK mystery narrator

Over a period of 3 weeks, while recovering from surgery, I have been kept company by the wonderful UK mysteries written by Susan Hill and narrated by Steven Pacey.

These take place in mostly current times, though I estimate Hill has been writing the series over the past 10-15 years so current events and tech has changed from "Dashing to a pay phone" to a 15 year old with a cell phone..In other words these aren't vintage novels.

Steven Pacey has a wonderful ability to bring Hills writing to life, especially when it comes to characters voices. I've listened to all 8 books and have come to know and enjoy the dialogue between Simon and Cat,the arguments between teen Sam and his sister that lead to anger and typical sibling bickering, and to know the stern father of the 3 triplets and his wonderful second wife-just thru Paceys intonation. Spectacular-especially with Paceys cultured accent that can swiftly change to Cornwall or Northern or Scott accents--how does he do that?

I've read negative comments about the series-not exciting enough, no plot etc. This hasn't been my experience at all.

Hill doesn't write shoot 'em up mysteries with American gumshoes and car cases. His cop shop is full of men and women who work hard and with diligence to discover the perp.

Try it-I bet you'll like them!

Well worth the credits

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4 out of 5 stars
By Catherine on 11-26-16

One and a half mysteries

The book has a major plot line that is solved half way thru the book, so it felt either odd or like a bonus that it kept going. There are a number of ongoing issues with several characters, then all of a sudden, the book ends, not really with a cliff hanger, just an abrupt stop with many unresolved questions. Time to read then next one. I would have been pissed if it weren't available.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Chalis on 08-04-17

The Story of a Family

This series focuses on people more than procedure. I enjoy police procedurals. I also find myself captivated by the Serrailler family.

I strongly recommend reading this series in order. My first reading of these books was done out of order. I have now re-read the first three in order and enjoyed them more. The characters are fascinating if not always likable.

This is a unique series of stories unlike anything I have read before.

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5 out of 5 stars
By David G Moore on 11-03-16

now the series starts to move

after a touch-and-go start in the first couple books, the author finally hit their stride here.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer on 06-12-16

One of a kind and one of the best.

I can't wait to listen to the next one in the series. The characterization is so complete.

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