We're Alive: A Story of Survival - The First Season

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3 out of 5 stars
By Mike Naka on 01-24-13

my weekly addiction

Any additional comments?

quick summary: michael cross spent 3 tours in iraq. now, he's back in california taking classes. just as his quiz starts there's an explosion, and he goes up to see what's going on, against his professor's assertions that everything will be fine. as more and more students gather around the t.v. to see some kind of riots breaking out, michael decides to head to his base. there he runs into angel, his commander, and saul. angel won't let them open the armory until the base commander arrives and gives them the ok. but as the $h!t really starts to hit the fan, they bust in. however, the alarm attracts the infected. once they realize nobody's coming to investigate the alarm, they decide to wait out the alarm's timer and leave in a hummer. as they flee through the city, they rescue riley and pegs from the roof of a florist shop. they decide to try to rescue angel's girlfriend, who lives in a nearby apartment building. once there, they discover it almost totally abandoned, and they recognize it has good defensive qualities by the way the floor plan is laid out. so starts their story of survival.

there's a large cast of characters, but it's not hard to keep track of who's who b/c each character has his/her own dedicated voice actor. the voice acting is exceptional. there are lots of sound effects, and they are also done exceptionally well- they help to immerse you into the story.

this story has it all: the various complications surrounding surviving with a bunch of people you don't know, a great cast of antagonists (prisoners who've escaped), drama, interesting infected, gore, and lots of action.

while not a pure zombie story, i totally enjoyed listening to this series. the spectacular voice acting and the engrossing and evolving plot keeps bringing me back, week after week. what do i mean by that? this series is a free weekly podcast. each podcast is b/ween 15 and 30 minutes. the 1st 2 minutes are ads and a pickup from the last episode. i didn't want to deal with that so i downloaded the 1st 2 seasons on audible. i am now catching up with season 3, which just ended. season 3 is only available via free downloadable podcasts.

if you're into zombie / end of the world stories and are looking for something new, definitely give this a try. i warn you! it's addicting!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Jim "The Impatient" on 01-02-15


The first thing and most important thing I want to say is that ,this is very entertaining. I did not think GraphicAudio could be out done, but these guys did it in spades. The difference changes the story from, A Movie In Your Mind, to This May be Too Real. Do not take me wrong I like GraphicAudio, I just want to make a comparison you might know. What is even better, this is a top notch well written story, whereas most of GraphicAudio is second rank writings, (James Axler, Alex Archer, etc...). The only problem I had was, that I listened while driving my six wheel delivery truck and the sound is so real that at times, I thought I had hit something or something it me, and it was just the radio. The actors are top notch professionals.

The actual story itself, if written and read in book form, might not be better then what else is out there. It would not be worse, but if you have read a lot of Zombie stories, this does not bring anything new to the table. I will say, that they did do two things that I appreciated, that other apocalypse books seem to get wrong. It always amazes me in other books, when they act as if vehicles are hard to come by. The town I live in has less then 160,000 people and the amount of cars and trucks in this town are in the thousands. Not counting U-Haul, there are hundreds of box trucks, owned by food companies. There are several food warehouses. If you can drive an 18 wheeler, thousands of them are available. Even in small towns I deliver to, most have a used or new car dealership. Brand new cars and trucks. Also many other books of this type have the people traveling around the country or living in the country in small houses or one even has them in tents. Da, why wouldn't you take a high rise and fortify it, living in the upper parts of the building? The story is five star, just not much different then what else is out there.

As mentioned by others and probably the biggest draw back is the ending. This is not a book, it is a serial and this is season one. Like most TV shows today, it ends in a cliff hanger. If you read the reviews before buying, you know that, if you don't read reviews, then sorry.

This is a full cast production, no narrators. This is the best production of anything I have ever listened to. If this was a two star story, which it is not, the production would make it a six star listen. The actors, (not narrators), or excellent. I was never a fan of British accents, but there is one chick in here with a British accent, that is so sexy, I am now a fan.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Scott on 07-05-12

Great story and performance

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

Great listen for zombie lovers, however, don't waste your credit. You can download (31 chapters as of this review) for free from itunes.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Michael on 02-01-12

Great show so much fun.

What did you love best about We???re Alive?

The whole story and sound effects with the music makes it so much fun.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Michael I can identify with him.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

Got me nervous in parts for what was to come next.

Any additional comments?

If you like old-school radio with a modern day punch you will love this download.

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5 out of 5 stars
By coreybeth on 03-23-15


I had to start this three times before I started to get into it. "dramatizations" are not my thing. Man oh man am I glad I did. Download you will not be disappointed.

The whole series is about a group of survivor. New take on zombies but enough of the slow, rambling watch out for the hordes that it still draws you in. I love the fact that there's bad guys but it's not a constant run chase hide catch run chase hide catch. Bad guys are sometimes in the forefront sometimes just on everyone's mind. This is pretty much the most believable (if there can be one) zombie apocalypse novel I've ever "read". Added touch? Our power lines went out in a storm while I was driving home from grocery. I literally pulled over & just listened for 10 mins. WOW.

Group soldiers, Michael, Saul and their sergeant? Angel (college boy given his post without earning it you get the feeling) . They are called in to base get there & the whole world turned upside down. The pickup friends along the way , eventually going to angel's girlfriends apartment building that is easily defended. They settle in. Soon other survivors come. WAY too much happens to give specifics but you will NOT be disappointed. I listened to the whole series One installment after the other. Just finished Season 4, main characters die, I laughed, I cry but EVERYTHING intertwines beautifully. Anything from this "author" I will purchase without even reading a review. THAT good. Now what the heck am I going to listen to grrrrrr


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5 out of 5 stars
By tracy orrison on 05-11-15

great storyline, excellent cast. a must listen.

loved this full cast book. was addicted quickly. I am ready for more. cliff hanger

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