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4 out of 5 stars
By Paul on 12-03-10

Thanks Nelson for bringing an oldy to AUDIBLE

I have been hooked on Audio books for about 2 years now. I have already listened to ALL the John Corey books. Love them all and the personality. I get so dissapointed when I see there are earlier books in a series that arent available in Audible... Or even worse.. Abridged versions (chills).... 1/4 way into this book I had figured this was my favorite John Corey book to date!. I am about 30 min from the end of the book.

A good FUN story line, Not the same old same old plot... again. I cant believe John Corey was that sarcastic back THEN. Feels like he was more a smart ass then then in Lion's Game. I love thr Humor, the depth of the plot. No boring spots... One of my top 10 Audibles for sure..... and Thanks again for Scott Brick!!


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5 out of 5 stars
By Alicia on 08-03-11

narrated to perfection

Scott Brick does it again! The book is pretty good, but his performance of agent John Corey is superb. Great way to get the series going.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Richard Delman on 09-26-17

Dated, macho, but a good yarn.

Would you try another book from Nelson DeMille and/or Scott Brick?

Probably. I think back to Mr. Demille's early books, and The Charm School really stands out. I thought it was great when I read it, way back when. It didn't have the constantly smartass John Corey dominating it, as he does here. I would try another one, but I have a feeling that I might quit early. Scott Brick, OTOH, does a great job with this character, and I have read other books that he narrates. He's fun to listen to, and I don't have the reservations about him that some do.

If you’ve listened to books by Nelson DeMille before, how does this one compare?

I kinda answered that in the first question. The Charm School was great, and Plum Island is not great. It is a good story, with a plot that holds your attention, and a few characters who also do. I really enjoyed Emma Whitestone, and was genuinely sorry to hear her go. But I do have concerns about Mr. Demille's habit of writing epic bestsellers, as I feel that he is shooting low, and just cannot outgrow his show-offy personality. He does research carefully, and he can write.

What aspect of Scott Brick’s performance would you have changed?

An unusual question. I don't believe I would change anything. The villain is repulsive, but that is who he is supposed to be. I liked the end, which left you wondering about whether Corey and Beth would get together. She would be good for him, maybe rein in some of his egregiously macho takes on the world. I liked her, too.

Did Plum Island inspire you to do anything?

No. Not inclined to search for buried treasure.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Kate on 03-14-12

Good solid story

I enjoyed Plum Island and would give it another half star if it were an option. The story is good but a bit drawn out. I enjoyed the main character's humor but it too was a bit over the top. It was a good listen but not the type where you just can't wait to hear what happens next. It was entertaining but a bit long. I found the last main part where they were traveling by boat to the Plum Island during the hurricane way too long.

Overall I would say it was a good listen but not outstanding.

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5 out of 5 stars
By DERALD on 11-07-10

Great on par with" LION'S GAME"

Lion's Game was in the top five out my 700+ audible books on file. John Corey was back at his earlier brazen, witty. intuitive (lovable) self. This book was mentioned in two other De Mille books and I had wondered why it was not available in audible form. From my grateful heart,I enjoyed this book more than any other book I have listened to this year.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Jessica on 05-24-14

I don't like John Corey

I think I'm probably alone in this, but I didn't like John Corey. At all. I hated the way he acted to Beth Penrose. I hated the unrelenting smart-alecky comments, even in times of crisis...I just never warmed to him at all. Scott Brick has said this was one of his favorites to read, and he does a great job as always, but the character of John Corey just rubbed me the wrong way. I might try reading another in this series, just to see if he grows up some, but probably not.

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