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5 out of 5 stars
By Blanche on 10-06-10

enjoyable mystery

I thought this was a well paced, wittily written mystery, as was the first book.
For people who are looking for an episode of the the TV series in which the supposed author is a character, you have missed the point. This is a story with it's own characters. Yes, you can see similarities, but they aren't supposed to be the same!
A fun read, a fun listen. If you like the show, you will find a few in jokes as well.

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5 out of 5 stars
By karen on 05-27-12

This was fun...

A complete sleeper for me -- never heard of the book, never heard of the author (whom I now understand is a fictional character), never seen the television show or listened to anything else the narrator had read. But something in the blurb appealed to me, so I went for it. Good deal. It's a very good book, made even better by the narrator, Johnny Heller. Not only does Heller perform perfectly, but he has a voice that's pure pleasure to listen to. He sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't quite place it -- a bit like Peter Falk, maybe? Anyway, very nice voice quality.

As for the book, there's plenty of action, interesting characters with a requisite amount of quirky personality characteristics, nobody comes off as obnoxious -- except for the bad guys (or girls) -- and lots of moments when you find yourself listening way beyond the allotted time.

Nothing profound here, just a good, enjoyable "I want more" book to enjoy -- I suspect I'll listen to this one more than once. It's one of those books that's sufficiently interesting that it really doesn't matter if you know who did it or not. The trip is worth it, all by itself.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Barbara on 10-08-10

insider entertainement

I downloaded "naked heat" because I really like the tv-show castle. so for me it was great fun to listen to a book written by a fictinous writer. It's a nice addition to the show, but I think it wouldn`t work that well if you`re not a castle fan.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Paige on 10-29-10


Castle is the only TV show I watch regularly. Clever, well written and well cast, the books as a marketing bonus are fun too. Keep up the good work...

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5 out of 5 stars
By Melanie on 11-02-13

Amused, Entertained and new Castle fan.

This is the second book in the series and the second Heat-Castle book I have listened to and I LOVE both of them. I'm anxious to complete the series, but I need to pace myself! I have enjoyed the character development in the novels thus far, and get a kick out of Rook's sense of humor and wit. I also particuarly appreciate the empathic approach the writer gives his star female detective, Nicki Heat.

Someone wrote that these Heat novels are similar to television cop dramas and I concur with that assessment. I like television cop dramas and I like the mystery combined with the story-line and the relationship development. I read several genres along these lines, some fluffier and some more intense. These Heat novels are the perfect middle ground for someone who wants to listen to a good story with good reading without too many graphic details but beyond simple fluff. There is some sexual content, but not too much. There is some language, but not too much.

Also, I LOVE this narrator. Before wasting a credit or $, I always read several reader reviews and Heller has received several positive ones, but something must be up with the reviewers who are writing negative comments because they are WAAAAY off base. What do I love about this reader? The voice fits. He gives a personal voice to all the characters with overt or subtle changes and keeps the listener captivated. The best part, and likely the reason he was chosen, is that he delivers the funny, clever and sarcastic comments of the male lead DEAD ON. It takes talent to deliver those lines and Heller doesn't miss. I have laughed out loud multiple times.

Highly recommend this series and if you're like me and read all the negative comments first then the positive ones later - please do not be dissuaded. I personally believe they are disengenuos. These books are worth your credit!

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3 out of 5 stars
By M. Miles on 06-17-12

Narrator is Major Distraction

Johnny Heller, the narrator of this story, has been doing a lot a work lately and that's a good thing. But, the selection of stories that he is narrating is a problem for me. He has a very gentle, innocent, high-pitched voice that, in my opinion, should be confined to children's books, and not used in the adult murder/suspense category.

His narration has ruined more than one story for me. And, now he will be the first narrator that will cause me to decline selections from

There are 139 books in my library.

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