Degree of Guilt

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5 out of 5 stars
By Rajesh on 12-14-04

A must listen for most

This is a good book. It is well written and read. The characters are intense and the relationships handled in the story complex. The plot dwells around rape and sexual abuse, but the book is also about the way multiple relationships function while handling complex issues. There are powerful husband-wife, son-father, girlfriends, friends and more relationships scenes in the book that may touch you. And, yes there is a super plot full of suspense and excellent courtroom drama with an intelligent judge who became one of my favorite characters in the book. Who, why, how did it question in the book makes it even more gripping.

It is a classic thriller that provided me with a great time!
Let not the size of the book nor the year of publication give you second thoughts?download now and you will not be disappointed.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Patricia on 01-02-06

Degree of Guilt

There must have been a book prior to this one that contains the story between Christopher Paget and Mary Carelli and I didn't read it. I kept feeling like I was missing some information. I kept having to fill in the blanks with what I thought must have happened.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Paula on 06-10-14

Great Court Room and Family Drama

Ignore the naysayers -- this is an outstanding novel featuring an engrossing court room drama. The story is lengthy but superb in terms of characters, legal drama and pace. Some say it needed a different/better narrator, but I appreciated Adams' performance because it did not get in the way of the story. He simply told it, using a minimum of different voices. If you are a fan of legal/court room dramas, this is a must read. Patterson truly nailed it.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Snoodely on 11-17-12

All about sex

"Degree of Guilt" verges on pornography, at times -- actually, lots of times -- however, only a disturbed person could find any titillation in the porn depicted here. This extraordinary novel might offend many people; and I would advise anyone with delicate or devout sensibilities to bypass this audiobook. It concerns perverted, sick, non-romantic sex. Surprisingly, Richard North Patterson does a commendable, reasonably accurate job of portraying this distasteful subject from a woman's point of view -- or, rather, from the viewpoint of several abused women. I would never label "Degree of Guilt" a pleasant read -- definitely not fun escape-fiction -- but it remains timely, pertinent, and important, even despite its old publication date. This audiobook will make you think. It has an intricate, well-crafted plot, in which Patterson gradually unfolds needed backstory with intermittent flashbacks, while skillfully developing each of the intriguing characters. I have two minor complaints with this audiobook. First, I didn't like the choice of reader: Alexander Adams has an unpleasant voice, reads too fast, and doesn't distinguish the characters from one another adequately. Clearly, this novel should have been read by a top female actor, like Barbara Rosenblat, for instance. Secondly, I cite my pet production peeve: bookmarks too far apart. Audible set the bookmarks almost one hour apart, with no reference to logical chapter, paragraph, or sentence breaks. I suspect that Audible may have corrected this problem in more recent offerings; but this audiobook was published a long time ago, when someone had the aesthetic of making the bookmarks look evenly-spaced on one's iPod. Otherwise, I recommend "Degree of Guilt" to anyone who can appreciate a legal drama with a serious, unpleasant topic.

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1 out of 5 stars
By Pacbell on 07-30-12

Great marketing, poor writing

What disappointed you about Degree of Guilt?

Severely misrepresented as an extraordinary courtroom novel. Rather, it is simply repeated, detailed sexual encounters cloaked in an adjudication veil. Courtroom strategy is a minute part of the story (and is also dominated by vivid sexual descriptions). This is junk writing complete with grammatical errors.

Would you ever listen to anything by Richard North Patterson again?

Absolutely not. I started with another and stopped early on hoping my initial choice was bad.

What do you think the narrator could have done better?

Voice training.

What character would you cut from Degree of Guilt?


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5 out of 5 stars
By Marilyn Armstrong on 11-14-10

A great read, really well written.

Of all the writers of courtroom procedurals, Richard North Patterson is my favorite. He creates characters that live and breathe. His plots are complex and his storylines have wonderful twists and turns,. I've read this one twice now and will probably read it again. It's got great pacing, believable dialogue, enough complexity to keep you guessing. It was just as enjoyable the second time around as it was the first. It's a long book that you wind up wishing were even longer! A winner on all fronts.

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