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5 out of 5 stars
By FRANCISCO on 10-09-13

Up There With Great Forever Books

If you could sum up Flight in three words, what would they be?

radical original phenomenon

Have you listened to any of Vanna Bonta’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

No this was my first time listening to any of Vanna Bonta's performances, but it was definitely a great work of art and I will Listen to another in the near future.

Any additional comments?

It's radical. It's original. Bonta weilds the pen worthy of any poet and author titan. And the book is a phenomenon of the quantum age.

George Bernard Shaw said if you tell the truth you better make them laugh or theyll kill you. Well, Vanna Bonta tells the truth AND makes you laugh but between knuckleheads stuck in Newton's idea of science fiction and crazy cults that fear her, Bonta has raised some hackles. I love her for it. I love the writer for her command of the English language, for her fearless innovation and originality.

The story is about a writer who rebels against reality and our violence-infested world. He writes a novel about an interdimensaionl being. At a science ficiton convention he finds a woman who looks exactly like the superheroine in his book. The woman has total amnesia. He gives her the name of his superheroine. The mystery and a riot of a love story unfolds from there.

The book is a masterwork that constructs an allegory of the dangers of mind control, the importance of free-thinking and creativity, the very nature of reality, and it dares to address things like infinity and death.

I follow Bonta on Twitter and even her tweets are quotable (and loved the ep of Wilfred that starts with her quote).

This book is up there with the books that will never die. Even if you don't like it, it's a highly respected and respectable work. I can understand why some wish they had written it.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Beth on 10-22-13

Master Storytelling

Flight was a very fun experience for me. The story is original and keeps the mind satisfied with two fascinating plots that are both about life beneath the plastic surface of smiling faces and ho-hum superficial existence.

Bonta ranks as a great writer due to extraordinary prose, depth of ideas, masterful plot but any worthwhile novelist is first a poet, which Bonta is, and her ability to be either verbose or succint and ultimately insightful is poetry. Seriously, there are sentences in this book that are just --- beautiful. It's obvious when a writer loves words and books. There is playfulness with words in Flight. Bonta has a knack of packing megaton wisdom into one sentence. Again, obviously her poetry background.

The narrative tone of Flight is 3rd person parable-type style, done for effect, as if written by a visitor to Earth telling a story for the ages, but Bonta gets local vernacular and different dialogues of characters down perfectly -- such as "mall-speak" and "cool-speak" as a couple of examples. Highly entertaining.

So I wanted to hear the audio, too, which the author narrates herself. Vanna Bonta's voiceover I could listen to all day. In the audiobook narration she effortlessly delivers the spectrum of characters and dialogues she created. She is a professional and inspired actress who is credited on Disney movies. major feature films and television. The audiobook is a double-gem because we get Bonta's diamond talent of spoken word. She's a genuine artist. Her voice has excellent, natural and pleasant diction and seamless emotion.

Naturally I had to own a copy of the paper book because it's too famous a book. I didn't realize what a history this book has until I read about it on Wikipedia. I didn't know a real rocket ship was named after Aira Flight's fictional spaceship (Lauryad).

Flight is populated with characters I found myself caring about. I know Mendle Orion, Aira Flight and Onx, and that cagey vixen Sandra. They live with all the beloved characters who have moved me to better knowledge of myself. Interesting, I saw a bit of myself in every character's imperfect but perfectr humanity. Each character stands for an aspect of human existence. Aira Flight --- the girl with amensia and no navel is a brilliant icon for the duality of human nature ....walking around in biological body but where did she (we?) (awaresness?) really come from.

Bonta is a master writer and enchanting storyteller.

Movie? Thinking Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Tim Burton, Megan Fox (Sandra) an unknown for Aira Flight, like Scarlett Johnassen? Or younger cooler people will be hip.

The ride of this amazing, strange, bizarre story is nothing compared to reality. A line from the book is true: "Reality is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to be believable." (Flight quantum fiction, by Vanna Bonta)

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5 out of 5 stars
By Lindsay on 10-14-13

Excellent story, Quanta Bonta is quantastic

Any additional comments?

Every time I see Bonta rattle her pen like a saber and shake the stars I want to cheer. Her poetry was a top selection to go to Mars on the NASA mission MAVEN. Her poetry rose to the top of TV malaise to emerge on a shining show, Wilfred. And in Flight she wrote arguably the definitive book about human quintessence in the quantum age.

Flight, a Quantum Fiction novel is a tour de force. It took the world almost two decades to catch up to. It's not a science book but stands as the poster book for the Albert Einstein quote "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

In Flight Bonta predicted that for every quasar there's a black hole (published 1995 and astronomers are recently announcing the discovery), and started us thinking about The Cure For Death (that now 2 decades later Google is funding). I didn't know what I would think of this book but it is worthy of every praise including the first Publishers Weekly review that launched a genre and called for more.

Since everyone is a writer these days, let's talk shop. The novel is a smorgasbord of literary devices from allegory to zoetic innovations applied to the writing craft.

And I hear TOR (an editor there is rumored to have led a lynching rally of buddies against Bonta for years when Flight was published) is partnering on a Quantum Flash Fiction contest --- 18 years late. ah well better late than never.

How unfair is it that writers and artists like this have to endure head-scratching jerk
who try to knock them down? Writers, we all need to beware the huffy "expert" attacking new ideas and the power to move people. Better they be hilarious than lethal. When the bashers so-called "reviews" write like soggy noodles, then... woops.

I think the Flight audiobook should be released with the works of sound effects and music. I enjoyed Bonta's piano-playing in it but there was too little of it. No praise of her voice does it justice. Truth be told I enjoy the print edition best because of the graphics and design are incorporated to tell the story. Just listening to audio alone without that can be confusing to someone isn't familiar, there's so much there. With the book, the chapters move and are illustrated with clocks like Time, the ingenious subplot is printed on a computer screen, a lot of cool visual like that that enhances and ingenuously tells the story too.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Michelle on 11-24-07


I always loved this story and hearing it takes it to a whole new level, the voice is so soothing and calming. I felt like the characters were right there, like I was watching a movie.
I suggest for everyone to buy this book on audio and lay in a comfortable place and listen to an amazing story that will take you out of this world!

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5 out of 5 stars
By hillary on 10-10-13

Excellent Fiction

What made the experience of listening to Flight the most enjoyable?

I was recommended to check this book out by a good friend. She knows my taste very well and knew I would only immerse myself in this book. Within minutes, I was hooked. The writing was very tasteful and professional. The quality of the writing is superb. The story is written and organized in a manner that keeps readers engaged the entire reading. The characters are developed very well, having their own unique characteristics.

The narrator makes a genuine effort to add to the story with their voice. The energy makes the story more realistic.

I would highly recommend this book or reading to another fiction lover.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Jonathon on 03-03-08

A story to recharge the weary soul

I happened upon Flight by chance, or did I ? The universe plays all kinds of cosmic tricks. What I found in this story was a character who was very much like me. Weary from a long time of being misunderstood and ridiculed for thinking the impossible possible. With each page I became more and more drawn into this delicate balance between science and fiction.

Metaphors for life, and lessons that have taken mankind thousands of years to learn, spill out of this book and into the reader's mind like water to a thirsty imagination. My favorite point of all is love and how powerful it is as a force for creation and connection in the Universe.

This book is on the top of the list of novels I regularly recommend to my friends. Especially those struggling with their existence in the physical world.

Now, on top of having read the book, I can hear the inflections and drama of the author herself reading this story. I couldn't imagine much better than if she were sitting next to me in my car reading this story aloud.

I really appreciate this story and feel lucky to have experienced it both in print and voice. Thank you Vanna for changing my life and recharging my creative vision! Keep up the good work!!!!

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