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By shinky on 04-22-07

Hate that Activist!

I admit it, I'm a closet cat lady and I spend time worrying about my 3 cats contentedness and connection to me, their primary caregiver. So this book--which promised to make my cats adore me--seemed a brief, albeit guitly pleasure. I ignored the fact that the book was written by Ingrid Newkirk, a well-known animal wacko. We, all us cat people, are the same under our cats' pyjamas, right?

Wrong. Newkirk is insufferable. Her book is full of condescendion and judgment of everyone who has not swallowed the PETA principles hook,line and sinker. On that very point, did you know that fishing poles are politically incorrect--which I take to mean that it's okay for cats to each fish because they use their god-given appendages, but not people because they need to devise a tool. Which begs food chain questions: cat-eat-fish, okay? human-eat-fish, BAAAAD. I didn't listen long enough hear her suggestion of what to feed your cat--if fish is so wrong. Maybe lentils? Well Peta Lady, THAT's not gonna endear those little buggers to me.

Another section is a drawn out proselitizing tirade on de-clawing and the lifelong damage it does to cat's physiological and psychological well-being. I'm strong opponent of declawing but after listenin to her bloody/holier than thou routine, I began to feel real sympathy for peolple who are only trying to protect their furniture.

Fellow Audies, I want to warn you that this book is NO FUN. Rather it;s like being held hostage by a ovo-lacto-vegetarian cult where people who claim to "own" their animals are arrogant and thus have robbed themselves and the animals of their dignity. That said, if you are one of these "owners" you are probably likely to put your beloved him/her on the street when they cease to be cute.

"love that Cat' has no no useful information and besides the hurled judgments, nothing you haven't heard before or aren't already providing. A real waste of time.

PS PETA lady, my cats hate you, too.

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