Laughing Off Romantic Fails

From the forever wonderful Nora Ephron, and narrated by modern icon Meryl Streep, this humorous listen will warm up your post-breakup malaise like a steaming bowl of comfort food.

Ok, maybe the comfort food didn’t quite do the trick. Bring on the Chunky Monkey! You’ve been wallowing, but comedian Greg Behrendt and wife Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt will make you laugh while you put yourself back together.

Breakups are always rough, but these are the worst of the worst. We’re talking beheadings, uprisings, and creepy stuff. That stolen hoodie pales in comparison. Don’t sweat it and smile through hours of schadenfreude.


Watch the trailer for Stinker Lets Loose!

The outrageous 1977 forgotten classic is FINALLY an audiobook!
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