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Exploring the Irish Identity

Alongside the long and painful political process to Ireland's independence arose one of the greatest flourishings of literature in modern times. As nationalists including Charles Stewart Parnell, Patrick Pearse, and Michael Collins studied their political situation and sought a road to independence, writers such as W. B. Yeats, James Joyce, J. M. Synge, Lady Gregory, and many others examined the emerging Irish identity and captured the spirit of the nation's ongoing history in their works. In this course, Professor Conner reveals the multifaceted story of the Irish Renaissance through an exploration of its complex history and remarkable literature.

Four Remarkable Heroines

Celebrate Women's History Month by exploring the lives of four medieval women who still shimmer in the modern imagination: Heloise, the abbess and mistress of Abelard; the prophet Hildegard of Bingen; Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine; and Joan of Arc. As you journey through a past we are only now beginning to understand fully, you learn how these remarkable heroines have been both understood and misunderstood throughout history, and you'll better understand how history passes judgment on both women and the Middle Ages.

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