Five-Star Faves

Satisfying end to a wonderful story

League of Dragons: Temeraire Series, Book 9

"Naomi has brought us to a wonderful conclusion at the end of a inspired series. The books action ebbs and flows well, neatly tying up loose ends. The story has a satisfactory and neat ending. I am sad to see Temeraire coming to a close I have immensely enjoyed this series and will definitely pick it up again to enjoy the banter of dragons. I hope we get to see more of temeraire in the future even though this chapter is closed. The book does not linger in port as it were taking the reader on unexpected adventures. The combat does not drag on incessantly and this allows the reader to take a broader view of the state of Europe. I defiantly recommend this book to any that have enjoyed the series and highly recommend the series as a whole. I can't wait to see what Naomi thinks up next!" -- Elizabeth

I love these stories!

Dancer's Lament: Path to Ascendancy, Book 1

"The worlds created by Ian C. Esslemont and Steven Erickson are beyond amazing! Every one of them have been intriguing, entertaining, captivating, and down right awe-inspiring." -- David A. Pollard

One of the Best

The Fireman: A Novel

"Amazing plot that deviates from the usual trope of post-apocalyptic stories. Incredible voice performance. Be sure to listen all the way through the closing credits." -- Alex V.

Game changer for the audiobook industry!

Battlefield Earth

"The best production I have heard, particularly for such a classic story. I read this story originally in 1987 and thought it was loads of fun. I read it again in 2010 and decided that it was indeed the most epic sci-fi novel ever, since it encompass several universes significantly. It is the best scientific treatment of teleportation I have ever found. And the aliens are dope! Finally, the production is unprecedented. The best I've ever heard, and I've listened to nearly 300 audiobooks. It's a game changer. The actors are great, the sound effects are perfect, Terl is totally sick!" -- Amazon Customer

The Greatest Series of this Decade

The Wheel of Osheim

"Tim brings every character to life. He makes a great book into an AMAZING book. This series perfectly accomplishes everything an adult epic fantasy should. It brings in wonder and amazement without feeling childish. With its dark characters, and the dark humor that comes with them, Mark Lawrence has accomplished something truly wonderful. I would recommend this series to anyone, well anyone older than 14." -- William

Awesome Book


"This book is amazing. I've worked in the medical field and have seen some terrible things, but I could always put them aside and enjoy a meal afterward. However, while listening to this book and enjoying some hot wings, I found that I simply could not continue to eat while listening to this book. Incredible, I've never listened to such a depraved characters inner dialog and at the same time been cheering him on through the thrill of tearing people apart and eating them. This book really is something special :)" -- Amazon Customer

Thoroughly enjoyable and thoughtful sci-fi


"Beautifully narrated by Scott Brick. This was another intelligent and artistic creation by Michael Crichton. I enjoyed this book as much as Jurassic Park and loved the subtle ending. Mr Crichton excels at providing a thoughtful study of human scientific endeavor and its ramifications, while spinning a totally enjoyable and immersive tale. Scott Brick's narration was perfect!!!" -- Whiterabbit

Wonderful classic


"This sci-fi escaped me back when I first started plowing through the classics. It is a fantastic novel and should be read by anyone who loves sci-fi. Luke Daniels does a great job with the narration and really helps the novel come alive." -- Matthew Strom

Terrific start

Into the Storm: Destroyermen, Book 1

"Imaginative, fun, exciting, with moments of sincerity beyond "mere sci-fi fluff". Expertly narrated by William Dufris. Will make you glad there are more books in the series." -- Carlita Withers

Incredibly well done!!

Alien: Out of the Shadows: An Audible Original Drama

"I own over two hundred audiobooks and have been listening to audiobooks and books on CD's for better than ten years and never felt compelled to write a review. This was one of, if not the most engaging and entertaining audiobooks that I have ever listened to. The readers were outstanding, the sound effects where not overpowering and really enhanced an already great storyline. My compliments to everyone involved with this production; you can certainly take pride in what you have accomplished. Keep 'em coming!!!!!!" -- Anonymous