Five-Star Faves

So Much Fun

Tesser: A Dragon Among Us

"Inventive, creative, joyous, fanciful and courageous. And different!! Read and enjoy a unique experience. I am so sorry it's over." -- Bmathews


Clean Sweep

"I got this book to try out and have been totally captivated by it. It has a very different, refreshing storyline. A lot of laughs and very tense moments. Love the narrator too. I have also purchased the second book in this series and look forward to listening to it. If you want something different and innovative, listen to this book." -- Diane


Nemesis Games

"One of the best science fiction series you will ever find. Masterfully read. If you ever want to turn someone on to audio books, start with this series." -- John

A Good Book

Childhood's End

"An incredible introduction to the works of Arthur C. Clark. Exciting and haunting all at the same time." -- C.

Another great series with familiar faces from the past

Day Shift

"I haven't laughed so much while listening to a book in a long time. This may be my favorite series of Charlaine Harris. I've read all the others but this is utterly fantastic. If you are a fan of Harris's work, I would suggest reading the Midnight series. You'll see some familiar names/faces. It's a wonderful pleasure." -- Megan

Best to read without knowing anything.


"I picked this book up after reading the synopsis. The first review I saw said stop reading into the book and just listen. It's best when you don't know anything. So I stopped and listened, and they were right. The book is great! Super interesting mystery. The performer of the book did amazing one of the best jobs I've heard. I would and will be recommending this book to friends. Two thumbs up." -- Nate

Transported to a number of other worlds

The Three Body Problem

"Rich, surprising, fascinating. walks the line between speculative science and social commentary very well, as the best sf always does." -- Ryan

Awesome story.

Hard Magic: Book 1 of the Grimnoir Chronicles

"This was a wonderful story with credible characters and an awesome alternative universe. Can't recommend the book, and the narrator, Bronson P, enough!!" -- A.B.

Asimov Brilliant, Scott Brick Engaging

I, Robot

"Isaac Asimov's story is perfect; fascinating, tense, charming, heartwarming, and though provoking. Scott Brick is my favorite narrator, breathing life into the action and personality into the characters. 10/10" -- Jonathan

Great story. Great performance.

The Clan of the Cave Bear: Earth's Children

"This is an intriguing tale. The main character has to go through so many changes and learning curves that it is difficult to not admire her. The end was so good. Before I knew it was a series, I was upset with the ending. I remember saying, that cannot be how they are ending this book. Glad it wasn't the case. I'll be getting the series and it will probably be a series that I listen to over and over again." -- Rhonda