Top of the Class - The latest listener favorites

These Romances have been earning top rankings from listeners like you, so we wanted to share the best five-star reviews they received in June.


A Stone in the Sea

"This bad boy meets good girl story was simply divine. The characters are rich and thick. There is just the right amount of real and fantasy, you will fall in love with all of the main characters plus the residual characters. Surprises reveal themselves a little at a time, like peeling an onion. The end absolutely knocked me off my feet. I wish I could give this 8 stars!" --Gwendolyn

Entertaining story narrated to perfection

Playing Dirty

"I loved this story. It was funny and sexy. I love that it made me laugh out loud at times and then a few pages later had me blushing. I fell in love with the supporting characters as much as I did Shaw and Cassidy. The narrators were great and really brought the characters to life. The cliffhanger ending has me anxiously awaiting the next book." --Jennifer

Another great Abigail Reynolds book!

Mr. Darcy's Obsession

"Abigail Reynolds and narrator Elizabeth Klett make a great team, and this book is no exception. Reynolds imagines different versions of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and Klett is the perfect narrator to bring her characters to life. She does men and women equally well, and her British accent is impeccable." --Elaine

Full of humor

Instant Temptation

"Great series! My husband and I enjoyed all 3 books. Romance, adventure, and plenty of laughs. I highly recommend these stories. Jill Shalvis has a great sense of humor in her writing and Lisa Ivary does a great job with the right inflection to keep you laughing." --Dianne

A most entertaining romance full of humor!

Miss Wonderful

"Loretta Chase has to be one of my favorite romance novelists. There is never a dull moment and her sense of humor is just the best. This first book in the series is one of my favorites, and Kate Reading couldn't be more perfect as the narrator. Can we please get the next book?!!!!!" --Morgan


Suddenly One Summer

"No one does it like Julie James. She is brilliant. She sets the bar high with her witty and smart banter and this latest installment is no exception. Loved these two and their journey together. More please. Your loyal fans are addicted to your writing and Karen White who narrates perfectly." --Jodiod

It's all about "Him".....Sebastian York!!!

Easy Love

"I will have to say that I listened to this book due to the narrator Sebastian York and as usual, he did not disappoint. I truly feel that he could read the medical dictionary and I would be riveted!! HOWEVER.....the book was very good and I truly enjoyed the performance of Rachel Fulginiti....well done! Looking forward to the next installment." --CAC

Obsession at its Finest

Entwined With You

"Gideon and Ava are completely obsessed and addicted to each other. The combination is enticing and heartbreaking at the same time. They each have issues and demons that they need to deal with, but they are managing to hold on to each other by a thread. This series is AWESOME!!!" --K. Smith

So happy the saga goes on

An Echo in the Bone

"Full of adventure, love, and terror, the story was hard to leave. I like history and this depiction of the Revolutionary war was personal and real from a view of those not fighting but traveling with the ragged troops. If you have read or listened to the other books, this is a must read." --Julie

Need book 2 NOW!!

The Boss

"Amazing story. Amazing narration. Wonderful, emotional, entertaining, and addicting. Please please please get the next books on audible soon!" --Kimberly