Five-Star Faves

A Good, Good Read!

The Good Goodbye

"Very compelling story with many twists and turns. The book was fast paced and impossible to put down. The book's characters and plot were both very well developed. I also liked the way that the chapters were narrated in the first person by different narrators." -- MA Reviewer


The Crossing Places

"This is one of the most well-written books I have read in quite a while and I highly recommend it. I was on the edge of my seat until the very end when there's yet another twist. Sad to see this one end!" -- Lindzz

Beautifully Twisted

The Butterfly Garden

"This story could be too disturbing for some listeners. Think Law and Order SVU on steroids. It's dark and creepy and horrible to think could really happen. However, it's beautifully told and hard to stop listening. If you can handle that sort of thing, I strongly suggest this book." -- Magen K.

Loads of fun

Louisiana Longshot: A Miss Fortune Mystery, Book 1

"Loved it! Great writing, fun characters, fast-paced, good narrator. Only complaint is that it ended. I will definitely be continuing this series!" -- Megan

One of a kind

Redemption Road: A Novel

"I've been an Audible Customer for 4 years and listen to roughly 3 books a month. This book is one of the most engrossing stories I've had the pleasure to experience, the kind of book that makes an hour long commute go by in minutes. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery." -- Kyle


In the Waning Light

"The detail on which she can write a scene transports you inside the book and makes you feel part of the story. This book touches on life moments and insecurities that all people have in their lives. It was a well woven tale of high school drama and loves and how the actions of our youth truly can affect our future. This book kept my interest until the very end. Thank you." -- Butternuts

Wonderful reinvention!

Jane Steele

"I have to say that I went back and forth before buying this book. Jane Eyre being one of my absolute favorite books. I was worried that a story so connected to it could potentially diminish my loving memory of the original. I'm happy to report that no such thing happened. This is a wonderfully inventive and compelling read! The Jane Eyre references only endeared me to it. I will most definitely be recommending Jane Steele to everyone I know!" -- Barbara

Didn't see that coming!

Because She Loves Me

"What a book! Good story line, great narration. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, particularly the end - highly recommend!" -- Phillip Matsler

Best series ever, wrapped up beautifully!

Back Blast: A Gray Man Novel

"Same great narrator throughout the series makes this book one of the best wrap parties of written literature. Being a mystery thriller fan from the start, I was quickly captivated and never disappointed. Being drawn in by an intriguing initial story line was only the beginning! Throughout the tales masterfully told in non stop action fashion, comes a story tossed from the pages that leaves you wanting more at every turn. What's it all about? You'll have to listen to find out..." -- Morgan Hill

Absolutely well crafted.

Playing with Fire: A Novel

"Meaningful, suspenseful, informative, historical, and spellbinding. Do not miss this especially if you love music... or history." -- Vik