Five-Star Faves


And Sometimes I Wonder About You

"Prentice Onayemi is a linguistic god and Walter Mosley is the best story teller that I have ever encountered. The combination took me there. Constant energy with lots of suspenseful swagger...I fell in love with Leonid and heros. There has to be a sequel, there are too many more stories to expose. Nice touches with descriptions of actors as well, they seemed so real. I will never forget that emotions are optional. Thank you Mr. Mosely, your newest fan!" -- "In Between the Hedges"

wonderful way to start

Maisie Dobbs

"Cheering for Maisie all the way. Characters are wonderful, believable and overall just great. The lady has a great career ahead." -- Lori

Agatha Lives!

A Man of Some Repute

"A period piece of the first order. For those who love the English style that Agatha perfected, this is a wonderful return. So far there are two books for the continued story. The entire production is grand, but the performance is outstanding." -- Lawrence

All I can say is....Wow!

The Ex: A Novel

"Alafair Burke has crafted an amazing thriller. She has definitely outdone herself. She has matched the abilities of many established writers in this genre. It's not very often that I am fooled with such stories. It has twists and turns and an ending I couldn't imagine coming. Xe Sands as usual was wonderful. I highly recommend this book to thriller/mystery fans." -- Dawn

Yet another awesome Koontz novel!

Ashley Bell

"Yet another awesome Koontz novel! It totally kept me guessing. And left me wanting to get back to it every time I had to turn it off." -- Annette

A thrilling story of suspense amidst sibling love

My Sister's Grave

"Not only does this story come with suspense, thrills, and unexpected twists and turns, but it also nicely blends into it the love and loyalty between two sisters, their family, the characters in their lives, and the town they live in. All that makes for a very enjoyable, entertaining, and even at times surprising story. I am looking forward to more stories by this author." -- Brenda

Left a lasting impression!

Orphan X

"I had dreams about this book during and after listening. The stellar performance from the remarkable duo Greg Horwitz and Scott Brick as narrator is by far top 5 favorite books I've listened to out of the 240 in my collection. It's quite a ride!" -- Leelee8888


Still Missing

"I had no idea what this book was about. I bought it when I bought some other books. I could not stop listening to it!! Probably one of the best audio books I've ever listened to highly recommend" -- Melissa

Incredibly Intelligent

The Likeness

"This is one of the most intelligently written mystery novels I've ever read. The story was fascinating and extremely creative, while still being realistic, which I appreciate. I'm so impressed with the meticulous details and some items still being left to the readers imagination - that's quite difficult to pull off for a writer. I'm really enjoying Ms. French's murder series and look forward to the next book. I highly recommend her novels to anyone." -- B.

Wow, his best yet!

Fool me Once

"So enjoyed this audible performance. Full of twists, but not so much that you are entirely confused, just on the edge of your seat! We were on a trip and didn't want to stop and get out of the car." -- Suellen