Five-Star Faves

Ultimate Audible book

"Picking an audio book is a tricky business-it needs to be a story you'd just as soon hear than read, which for me means it needs to be told in a straightforward manner, nothing too experimental. And then there's the matter of the actor, who has to be good. This one hits the mark in all respects. Loved it. Great purchase." -Jennifer

Best series ever, wrapped up beautifully!

"Same great narrator throughout the series makes this book one of the best wrap parties of written literature. Being a mystery thriller fan from the start, I was quickly captivated and never disappointed. Being drawn in by an intriguing initial story line was only the beginning! Throughout the tales masterfully told in non stop action fashion, comes a story tossed from the pages that leaves you wanting more at every turn. What's it all about? You'll have to listen to find out..." -Morgan


"This was an outstanding space history book. And I've pretty much read them all. Amy is a tenacious historical sleuth who has turned over so many stones to find tasty tidbits about the world before NASA. Truly a fun, informative, and a unique read. A no-brainer, must-have for any space-nut. " -Sequoiadiea


"Absolutely an amazing audio! This is the first book/audio I have listened to by this author and you can bet it will not be my last. What I loved most about this book, other than the hotness of the male characters, was you never knew how it was going to turn out, so many secrets, so many lies, so many different highs and lows - I could not stop listening and of course when Sebastian York is narrating you never want it to end. Highly recommend if you do not like predictable stories and if you like an adventure. So glad I have found a new author - great job JA Huss." -Sherri

Thoroughly enjoyable and thoughtful sci fi

"Beautifully narrated by Scott Brick. This was another intelligent and artistic creation by Michael Crichton. I enjoyed this book as much as Jurassic Park and loved the subtle ending. Mr Crichton excels at providing a thoughtful study of human scientific endeavor and its ramifications, while spinning a totally enjoyable and immersive tale. Scott Brick's narration was perfect!!!" -Whiterabbit

great balance between love and action!

"the voice actress, tavia, did a superb performance. I felt every breath and trial because I fantastic writting and voice acting! Jeanine frost is my favorite author! I get so absorbed into her books. it's severely impossible to put down any of them. I absolutely enjoyed the human heart appeal to a supernatural circumstance in this novel. I feel the charcters. Jeanine frost and Tavia are the equivalent of chocolate to me (will always need, but never get enough). Bravo! encore!" -Elizabeth

heartbreakingly funny

"one of the best books I have encountered in the last decade. really. I laughed so loud people were giving me looks." -Sonogirl

Flabulously Brilliant and Inspiring

"Relatable and makes you question beauty standards and think critically! I recommend it for anyone. feminism and body positivity intersect in a humorous and true life story. " -Kayla

Awesome Book

"This book is amazing. I've worked in the medical field and have seen some terrible things, but I could always put them aside and enjoy a meal afterward. However, while listening to this book and enjoying some hot wings, I found that I simply could not continue to eat while listening to this book. Incredible, I've never listened to such a depraved characters inner dialog and at the same time been cheering him on through the thrill of tearing people apart and eating them. This book really is something special :)." -Amazon Customer


"The detail on which she can write a scene transports you inside the book and makes you feel part of the story. This book touches on life moments and insecurities that all people have in their lives. It was a well woven tale of high school drama and loves and how the actions of our youth truly can affect our future. This book kept my interest until the very end. Thank you" -Butternuts